[Erotica] Listen To Me

Original Image by F Dot Leonora

This week’s Friday Flash was inspired by the image provided for this week’s prompt …

‘Listen to me.’


She wouldn’t listen to him. Especially when he meant ‘obey’ when he said listen. She was not a child or a doormat and he did not know what she wanted.

She despised him and his air of arrogance, his assumed authority over every woman that caught his eye, his piercing gaze and tone of voice that told her he thought she was just like the rest of the women who fawned all over him.

He was wrong though. Yes, she had agreed to dinner, but just to get rid of his advances, and she had declined wine and there certainly would be no funny business.

As they left the restaurant his hand rested on her lower back and she cursed herself as her cheeks flushed and her cunt spasmed.


He was wrong, she didn’t want him.



He walked her home and in a move that was entirely unwelcome he pressed his lips, hot, eager and filled with passion against her own cold and bitter lips. She tried to speak, though she couldn’t recall what she wanted to say. His hand gripped her hair, and he leaned into her ear, whispering, his honeyed voice filled with trickery. Yes, yes. Trickery! It must have been a trick.

‘Tell me you want me.’

And she did.

Tell him.

And want him.

She told him, in filthy, desperate words just how badly she wanted him. She was depraved and wanton. She wanted to spread her legs for him. No, she wanted him to spread her legs, to force her thighs apart and discover her slick cunt covered in her own arousal, before he filled her, fucked her and emptied himself into her.

Then he had used words that made her knees go weak and her heart pounded against her chest and there was nothing she wouldn’t say or do if he would only strip her bare and move within her.

‘Good girl. Does that mean you’re ready to listen to me?’

‘Yes. I’m ready. I’m listening.’

‘Then let’s go inside and we can begin.’


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8 thoughts on “[Erotica] Listen To Me

  1. This is just brilliant Floss. I love the way she fights herself and his slow and arrogant winning of her body and mind. I loved it. missy xx

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