The Friday Girls – Part 6

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You might like to read the previous Friday Girls instalments before indulging in this piece. 

‘You’re good at that.’

‘What spanking?’

‘No. Well yes, but not just that, all of it. Taking control, being cautious, but still sexy. Taking what you want without taking the other person too far. Not everyone is good at that.’

We were lying on her bed, spanking session and forced orgasms complete in attempt to cure her of her bratty behaviour and that inkling that she had a kinky past had turned into a certainty. My heart sank a little, I’d done the whole kink dynamic with a relationship too, and it really hadn’t gone well. If we’d both had poor experiences I wasn’t sure I was ready to explore too deeply again. Suddenly my actions felt like a mistake.

‘Don’t look so serious, or you’ll be the next one getting spanked and I’m rubbish at it. So you don’t want that.’

I looked up at her, startled out of my own thoughts. While I was beginning to brood, and disappear inside my very serious head. She was up  and out of bed, pulling clothes on and looking like the embodiment of adventure.

‘Come on. You said we could spend the day together. Let’s start with some food.’

She talked endlessly while she made us breakfast, my jaw dropping at the effortlessness with which she turned ingredients into food that made my mouth water just looking at it. I wouldn’t what other talents she  had, and if I could keep up with her. The photography skills were one thing, the cooking was just … amazing.

‘This is so good. Where did you learn to cook like this?’

‘Um .. from the internet? You know you can learn just about anything if you google it. You might look young, buy you seem kind of behind the times, you know that right?’

I did know this. It was why I found her so fascinating. She wasn’t just with the times, but seemingly light years ahead of them.

‘What about art? Are you behind the times with that too?’

She flitted through conversations like a bee on flowers, talking until she’d had her fill then settling on a new topic. My brain could barely keep up, but I loved to try.

‘Well I don’t know much about art to be honest.’

‘Everyone knows more about art than they think. I bet you at least know whose pictures or paintings you like best.’

Artist: Jack Vettriano “His Favorite Girl” (oil on canvas)

‘Well yeah, but you have to promise not to be a judgey art snob if I tell you?’

She roared with laughter ..,

‘Absolutely not! I hate those judgey types. Now spill it …’

‘Jack Vettriano, he’s my favourite.’

‘Yeah? That’s cool. I bet you like the sexy ones best, right?’

I blushed because she was bang on the money.

‘Ha! I’m am right, in that case if you like sexy art, I know exactly what we are doing next.’

With that I followed her out of the door, wondering where our adventure was to take us next.

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Inspired by this weeks Friday Flash prompt. There was a bonus challenge to write a micro-fiction in (55 words), but as I’ve discussed before, less is not where my strengths lie, so I stuck with getting it under 500. Some of the other stories in the link up are amazing though, and what they do with so few words is definitely worth checking out.

Who else is Flashing this Friday?


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    1. Thank you so much 🙂 I’m looking forward to the next instalment too, lol, I love discovering where their journey will go each week.

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