[Photography] Boob the Obscured

I’ve been a poorly pickle this week suffering from the evilest cold I’ve had in a long time, so none of my blogging has followed my intended plan. During the week, in a brief moment of feeling almost alive, I took some pictures with my purple Doxy. Intending to write a Wicked Wednesday post about two of my favourite purple toys (Doxy and Strapon). That didn’t happen, (I wrote this instead), but as a happy accident, I took this image and as soon as I saw it I knew it would be my pick for Sinful Sunday.

While it’s maybe showing a lot less of me than previous pictures, I really enjoy that to some degree the view is obscured by some sheet and Doxy head. Once I get past those things though I love how my boobs look and that alone is enough to want to share.

The header image is one of the images I took at the same time but heavily filtered for Instagram!

I haven’t perused all the Sinful Sunday images yet, but I have glanced at the thumbnails and once again I tell it is going to be a very sexy week. Please do check out all the other submissions and leave a like or comment for your favourites. People put so much effort into creating their images and I know the feedback is appreciated. 

23 thoughts on “[Photography] Boob the Obscured

  1. Oh my that is fabulous. I love that we can clearly see what is happening and yet are also forced to fit in parts of it with our imagination

  2. This is a lovely image Floss. I need to get a body stocking, it really accentuates your body and I love this long view.

  3. First of all, as someone who appreciates a good pun, that title is gold standard work *applauds*. Also, haaaaaawt image there – brilliant angle and perky tits. What’s not to like?

    1. Yay! I am so excited someone appreciates the title, I thought I was hilarious when I decided upon it, lol! Very pleased you enjoyed the imaged too though 🙂

    1. Ooh really, I haven’t got to your image yet, the rest of Sinful Sunday is on my Monday to do list 🙂 so I look forward to seeing it x

  4. I sent a comment using my phone but I think I pressed the wrong button and it is now floating in the ether, far from the madding crowd. Sorry to hear you have been poorly but I know you are a hardy type and with the help of your companions Doxy and Strapon you will soon be in the pink again. An amazing image Floss, and I agree, your boobs do look magnificent.

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