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A little while back the wonderful Posy Churchgate tagged me in a Erotica competition on Twitter and I didn’t enter. Then she tagged me again because the deadline had been extended for entries and I did enter. The finalist have been announced for that competition and I am one of them. Which means I owe Posy a massive thank you for tagging me not once, but twice, because without that I would not have entered.

‘Would you like some cake? I made it myself.’ Her eyes light up, and she accepts gratefully. I watch as cake crumbs fall onto her pert breasts and my mind wanders to touching and tasting, and I don’t for one minute mean the cake. – Excerpt from Beauty and the Babe

My story is called Beauty and the Babe, and I was delighted Posy, after reading it, said that it has a ‘meet cute’ in it. It’s Story B on the finalists page, and is up against five other awesome stories. I’m delighted to have come this far with it to be honest, but any votes for my tale that might see me at the top spot will of course be welcome.

You can find the final six stories of the competition on the Sent To Thrill Blog. I would love it if you could go and check them all out and place a vote for your favourite. Voting boxes are found at the bottom of the page. As I said mine is Story B and don’t be thrown of by it being assigned to my full blogging name of Floss Liddell, I’m getting fancy these days with a surname and everything.

While I’m on the topic of voting and nominating, I’ll take this moment to remind you all that the voting is open for the Kinkly Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2018. Kinkly often come under fire for this list featuring a lack of variety and inclusion. For this reason a lot of bloggers haven’t added themselves to the Sex Bloggers Directory on Kinkly. I however did add my blog, so it is there to be voted on. Here’s the thing, that list won’t look any different unless you place you votes for your favourite blogs. You can sort the Sex Blogger Directory alphabetically, which I found to be a much easier way of spotting all my favourites who are on the list.

If you don’t see you favourite on the Kinkly list then you can submit your favourite blog to Molly’sDailyKiss Top 100 Sex Bloggers. All you need to do is add your favourite blog, please make sure you include their URL in the comments section of the blog post my previous link takes you to. Or if you would like to nominate privately you can email Molly directly, the address for that is also included in the blog post.

You can see some of the nominations that have been made so far, if you don’t see your favourite there then don’t assume they’ve received an email nomination, vote for them yourself. If you aren’t on the list, but would like to have a chance of your blog being included then let your followers and readers know it is happening. Nominations are open until November 1st.


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5 thoughts on “[Erotica] Sent To Thrill – Competition

  1. Well I went and read all six stories. I found five had merit though there were only two that I liked completely. One of the two was yours and that is the one I voted for. Because ultimately I liked it best. I liked the slow build and the eccentricities of the one character combined with the shyness of the other. Had I liked another story more than yours, I would have voted that way—my way of saying you earned my vote. Best of luck!!!

  2. It’s not fair to blindly vote—though if pressed for time I might have done so. I had the time today. I could actually easily tell you the problems I see in four of the stories and the reasons why I chose yours over the last one, but don’t want to hurt/insult the others. I would only make those comments in a private form. The things I find to be flaws might well be personal idiosyncrasies of mine. At any rate, best of luck!

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