[Erotica] Handsome Stranger

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Content Note: Contains elements of non-consent.

I watch the people pass me by as I nurse so many coffees I lose count, they are all endlessly fascinating but it’s the women who tend to catch my eye most often. I am careful though, I look but I don’t draw their attention to my enjoyment of them. It is regretful that I can’t invite them to sit with me or pursue a dalliance where my hands could roam across their warm soft flesh. In fact, I could do that, but I shouldn’t, it is far too recent since my last encounter, it would be reckless to embark on another so soon.

I am lost in my thoughts of rueful longing when her voice startles me and pulls my focus immediately to her presence. Her hand rests on the back of the spare chair at my table, she is quite unbelievably asking if she can join me. I glance around and see one or two other places she could have chosen, all of which do not contain a single man sitting alone. I realise it is I who has caught her eye and I feel a mixture of excitement, for myself and pity for her, as I confirm that the seat is indeed free.

She is captivating, as I find all women to be. I watch the shapes her mouth forms as she speaks, and watch her ample breasts jiggle as she laughs at my jokes, which I’m certain aren’t actually very funny. I catch her glancing at my body, which is muscular and lean beneath a tight vest. I know if I stand the exceptional bulge in my jeans will cause her eyes to widen and her pupils to dilate. Like the others before her though she would be broken beyond all repair if I were to engage in any form of intimacy with her, so I prepare to make my excuses and leave her unharmed.

When I stand, her reaction is as suspected, before I can excuse myself though she is the one to speak. With her hand on my arm, she expresses an interest in continuing the conversation, at her place perhaps, or mine. The feel of her bare skin against my own fills my mind with a haze of desire that renders me unable to decline and she leads the way to her home, where I know I will be her undoing.

When we reach her apartment, she wastes no time in making her intentions clear. Her breasts spill from the blouse that was barely containing them as her fingers undo buttons before continuing to remove her skirt. My cock is straining against my jeans as I take in the view before me, her hands’ trail across her own body as her eyes remain fixed upon me. I take a step towards her, to take her in my arms, to claim the offering she is clearly making, as I move, so does she and she leads me to the comfort of her bedroom.

She lays down on the bed, confident, eager and clearly aroused. I remove my clothes before joining her and her eyes fix on my cock, which is now fully hard, with a girth to match, unnaturally large it has often ended things before they’ve begun. Her reaction is entirely different, her eyes glisten and she catches her bottom lip between her teeth to stifle a moan. I join her on the bed and my hands fondle and caress as she moves beneath them. Her own hands moving across my cool skin as my muscles tense with anticipation of what is to come.

With her bra and panties removed my mouth encases her nipples as my fingers explore silken folds that beckon me in. As my fingers move inside her she grinds against me, hips gyrating, back arched as she loses herself in her own pleasure. When the orgasm that takes hold of her subsides she seeks out my cock with her hands. I kneel over her, my cock level with her breasts as both hands grip me, moving over my shaft as if it is to be worshipped, I am resigned to her fate now, so when she places her hands firm against my thighs and pushes me towards her cunt requesting that I fuck her, I am at this point ready to oblige.

I can feel my cock twitching with the realisation that once again it will feel the wet clenching muscles of a woman’s cunt, the head eases into her and she moans, both from pleasure and the knowledge of how much I will stretch her as I fill her. I move slowly as I push further inside her, issuing small gentle thrusts along the way allowing her body to accommodate my cock, as her hands grip my shoulders her eyes fixed on mine, sparkling with amazement as she feels her cunt wrapped around my length.

Finally, the last couple of inches of my cock sink into her and when that moment comes there is a shift in sensation, and the chemistry between us changes as her body yields to mine, as my thrusting increases in intensity I watch as her eyes flutter closed as she is overcome by the power of our pairing.

She continues making sounds of pleasure as I move inside her, unaware that I am no longer just filling her cunt, instead, I am spreading into her being, the seed of my ungodly loins spilling into her with every thrust, possessing in her a way she could never imagine.

Fracture by Maria S. Merian – This week’s Masturbation Monday prompt image

Her veins begin to pulse as I seep into her bloodstream, her skin becoming a map of where I’ve travelled through her, their blue tinge now deepest black, as her body prepares to incubate another of my kind. She is unaware of the changes taking place within her, pleasure is her sole focus, as she writhes and groans, her hands clawing at my flesh, causing the human facade to break as black sap drips from my broken skin, as I emerge winged and scaled, looming over her small human frame as her cunt grips the cock of unknown beast as her climax tales hold, her body freezing as her muscles tense in what I know to be a pleasure she has never known. Then it’s over, she flops to the bed, soft murmurs of delight falling from her lips as her hands search for a warm body to pull to her in the aftermath of sexual intimacy.

As I pull my thick shaft from within the depths of her cunt she shudders one last time before falling silent, sleep takes hold of her, long and deep, before she awakes recalling to her the most vivid dream of intense fucking with a handsome stranger. I will return when the fledgeling has grown and freed itself from the confines of her body and we will carry her with us, into the abyss where she will serve in ways she could never have dreamed of.

This piece was most definitely inspired by the wonderful prompt image supplied by Maria for this week’s Masturbation Monday, I suspect we will see some amazing pieces added to the link up this weeks, so please do give them a visit and show your love and appreciation for them.

Who else is Masturbating this Monday?

21 thoughts on “[Erotica] Handsome Stranger

  1. I was wondering what his hang up was about being with her. That’s quite a hang up. A demon with a little bit of a conscious or some bits of regret? Great storytelling

  2. oh unholy hell that is wickedly hot!!! this is beyond good, or any other description. I was expecting one thing from the warning then got something totally different, excellently done.

  3. It was like Christmas reading this. I was bouncing in my chair like, what is he, what is he?!! And now I know, and now I am super aroused. Loved this one, Floss <3

  4. I really loved this and was delighted by the turn of events, such a deliciously dark twist, and the touch of poignancy in there about what he does and why was just the icing on the demon cake x

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