[Life] Night Time in The Upside Down

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1. When I can’t sleep I _____ .

Usually listen to an audiobook or read something on my kindle. If I let myself get distracted by anything else like social media when I can’t sleep then I’ll I end up never getting sleepy. Books though in both their forms are great for helping me relax enough to doze off. Thankfully it isn’t that often that I can’t sleep. Perhaps it would be a preferable option over some of the sleep oddities I do have though!

2. My dream bedroom would be full of _____ .

If it could be an NSFW bedroom then 100% I’d want it to be full of BDSM equipment. A bed with a cage underneath and lots of potential for tying someone to it. All my toys and accessories would be stored in some kind of order and would be easy to access at all times. There would also be enough space for at least 4 other pieces of Bondage equipment, or perhaps it would have an en-suite dungeon attached to it. In terms of colour schemes I’d probably keep it fairly ‘traditional’. I like the black and red or black and purple aesthetics that you often find associated with dungeons.

If it had be SFW though which in fairness it has to be in reality because I have a little boy. Then my dream bedroom would be the kind of bedroom you’d imagine a 5 year old having. All the pink, lots of glitter, unicorns, princesses and cats. I’d have a framed pictured of each My Little Pony hanging up There’d also be loads of cuddly toys including a vast quantity of Build A Bears.

3. If I could wake up anywhere tomorrow it would be _____ .

Honestly I’d be quite happy waking up in my own home like normal, but with a few problems solved. If I had to pick another location though then I think I’d like to wake up next to Bakji somewhere exotic where we could escape from reality for a bit. Somewhere with good food, some sunshine and a nice pool.

4. I need to _____ at night.

At night I like it to be really quiet and nice and dark. There is a slight difference when Bakji is staying for a sleepover though. Then I like him to find funny or interesting things for me on Twitter (we have designated accounts we follow for this) and read them out to me. I usually fall asleep at some point during this and I love that. I think it is our own version of a bedtime story and it’s so relaxing and lovely.

5. _____ would truly be a nightmare.

I feel like all the genuine answers to this, in terms of living nightmare scenarios, are bit deep and meaningful, and probably a bit unpleasant to discuss.

In terms of actual sleeping nightmares I have so many of them and what makes a nightmare isn’t always what you’d expect. Many of my nightmares also branches in night terror territory. Recently I tried to explain mine to a friend and for me nightmares are bit like having access to a world similar to The Upside Down in Stranger Things. I remain in this physically world though while my brain can access and explore the ‘other place’ and most terrifyingly of all people from the ‘other place’ can access and have an effect on me, both mentally and physically.

I also get physical side effects to my night time brain wanderings including sleep paralysis, an inability to breathe normally or at all, crying, screaming and sweating. Sometimes I will appear to be completely awake, eyes open and responsive but I will be completely inconsolable and extremely hard to calm down. When this happens my mind is seeing the ‘other place’ but it looks as though I should be seeing everything as normal. That is probably the most terrifying of all my night time oddities and thankfully doesn’t happen that often, but often enough that it is a thing.

6. Night time is the right time to _____ .

Sleep! I love sleep and when it is unencumbered by bad dreams it’s awesome. Although sometimes we do use our night times for Fetish wanderings and that usually means going to be when we would usually be getting up. So yes, night time is also a good time to enjoy yourself.

Bonus: Briefly tell us about your last dream–erotic or not.

Sadly my last dream wasn’t erotic, although I am lucky enough to have those fairly regularly and I love them. I have actually woken up with orgasmic feels from an erotic dream on more than one occasion and that is amazing. I can’t for the life of me remember any of my recent dreams. I can usually recall them for the first day after I’ve had them but then they fade away. The only ones that stick are the unpleasant ones and the details of those are a bit too eerie to share.

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10 thoughts on “[Life] Night Time in The Upside Down

      1. Just watching Ghostbusters. Hope your week next few days are great. Always good reading your words

  1. Your sfw bedroom sounds like something my daughter would love! She’s a bit of a my little pony fan girl. Gotta say I love them up too!

    1. I do, I think it’s the reward I get for having the evil dreams too, lol. Which in fairness I think I’m okay with :p as I really do enjoy the sexy ones! x

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