[#SoSS] Sharing Is Caring #10

Setting up a blog is fairly easy. There a wide range of platforms where you can have a blog set up in minutes. Feeling your a legitimate blogger and not an imposter though is much harder. When asked why we write, many of us will give answers that revolve around doing it for ourselves, myself included. While that is true, I think once you start putting your words on a public platform, it is also nice to know you’re not talking into the void.

When I comment on the various memes I get involved in, especially Sinful Sunday because I endeavour to view and comment on every picture, I often notice that some of the newer participants were getting far less comments than the regulars. I understand not everyone can dedicate the time to comment on every image. Or every blog post if it’s Wicked Wednesday or Masturbation Monday, I myself can’t always do that because  reading is far more of a time commitment than viewing images. Quick shout out to Friday Flash as well because I’ve also recently given that a go for the first time. 

I do try to click on names I don’t recognise though and where possible I follow their blogs and catch up with them when I can. It’s hard being new to the blogging community and it’s really easy to feel like you don’t fit in. Everyone is really friendly, but I remember being new and seeing the firm friendships between other bloggers and assuming it was a bit of clique. I don’t want anyone to be sat on the outside thinking that they aren’t welcome or their voice isn’t valued.

With that in mind I took to Twitter. I recently had a conversation in my DM’s with Mr. Johnson whose blog is one I am sharing as part of this weeks #SoSS and it made me wonder how many other new bloggers were following and me and why not get them to say hello and then share them with you.

Galia at Cerebral Sexuality has got some great posts about relationships happening over on her blog. I don’t talk very much about the intricacies of abuse in relationships and what is toxic versus what is abuse, purely because I don’t have the experience or the knowledge to do so in a way that will support or inform my readers. Galia is doing just that though and I think her blog is well worth a visit. Follow Cerebral Sexuality on Twitter @SexCerebral

As I said earlier a contributing factor in this post was a conversation with Mr Johnson from Mr Johnson Reviews. The vast majority of sex bloggers I follow are women. Even fewer are men and even fewer than that are nonbinary or gender non-conforming. So when I see a blogger pop up who can even out the balance of opinions I get to read, then that is always a bonus for me. Follow Mr Johnson on Twitter @MrJohns96669663

A quick note regarding following people based on their gender identity. I can guarantee someone will be getting ready to point out to me that this is wrong and I should be following people for who they are as a whole not just for one or two parts of them. I respectfully disagree though.

My experiences in this world are that of a cis-gendered white woman, I have no chronic illnesses or physical disabilities and the only part of me that could ever be marginalised is the fact I am bisexual. However, I can largely walk through this world without that actually affecting my life negatively. Queer bloggers, bloggers of colour, transgendered bloggers, disabled bloggers and yes, even male bloggers have something to offer me because they have experiences that can never be mine, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear about them, learn from them and generally make my world richer for knowing a wonderfully diverse range of people.

See Fred Kink bring me back to my recommendations. I could mention why their blog follows on nicely from the above comment, but instead I’d like to point out that if you go to their about page you will see two cute cats and cute dog. I love you all for who you are, but I love you more for your cute animal pics. On a more serious note, I very much enjoyed the writing on this blog and I very much hope we see more soon. Follow @SeeFredKink on Twitter.

Tor reviews aren’t easy, hence why that isn’t my main feature on my own blog. Amber at Gay on Tuesdays is far better at than them I am though, and as such I suspect her blog will go from strength to strength. I spied that she visited Erotic this year, and even I very much hope to be at myself in 2019. If you go again Amber I shall definitely give you a wave, and I hope meet many more of online blogging friends their too. Follow @ManberShmallery on Twitter.

As you all know (and if don’t know how have you missed it) I also co-host the #ProudToBeKinky Podcast. Which means as well as being an advocate of fellow bloggers I am also a huge advocate of fellow podcasters and Being Kinky and Stuff is starting to do both. Follow @BeingKinky on Twitter.

While they didn’t wave at me on Twitter, I think perhaps because they’re not on there, and the age of their blogs is unknown to me I still wanted to give a shout out to two more blogs who are definitely new to Sinful Sunday in the last couple of weeks. Married and Owned and No Pants Endurance, they have both starting sharing some of their images and their blogs are also worth checking out.

Finally Nell didn’t have a blog when I posted my original tweet, but as I was one of the people who gave her big dose of ‘Do it. Do it now.’ when she asked if she should start one, it feel only right to send you in her direction and to The Library of Nell. You can also follow her on Twitter @nellegremont.

That’s all for this week folks. If you are reading this and you have a blog you started this year then please do leave your link below so myself and my readers can come and show you some support and encouragement.

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14 thoughts on “[#SoSS] Sharing Is Caring #10

  1. Thanks for the new blogs. I remember thinking that I would never make any friends when i started blogging, and what you say about thinking everyone was already part of a firm and solid clique was so true for me!
    I think the trick is to just get reading and get commenting. And new bloggers will find that we’re mostly a very accepting bunch 🙂

    1. Reading and commenting, yes absolutely. In the end I just basically waded in with big waves and smiles and just decided everyone was my new friend and it seems to have worked, lol 🙂

  2. How did I not know you were that new to blogging? *shocked face*. Well in that people should definitely give you a visit when they are checking out the ones I mentioned above x

  3. Well hopefully more people will be coming you way soon 🙂 I love find bew blogs at the beginning of their adventure and seeing how they grow. It’s so much fun x

  4. It is my pleasure to mention all the memes, I’d honestly be lost for inspiration and/or encouragement to write some weeks and all the writing prompts make words happen when sometimes they might not. The effort and love you all put in as well is tremendous and I would hate for that to go unnoticed x

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