[#SoSS] Sharing Is Caring #11

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On Saturdays I usually do a #SoSS Saturdays post and I will be including an element of that in this post, but I’m also going to be very Floss focused. Self promotion can be a really tricky thing to do, but right now self promotion and pushing myself forward as a worthy candidate for things is quite literally putting food on the table.

As some of you know, but many of you might have missed, I am no longer in the employment of the tattoo studio I was working for. The simple reason being is the man running it showed his true colours one too many times and I stood up to a bully. I will not be a verbal punching bag for anyone, and quite frankly it makes me uncomfortable watching someone else allow that to happen to them and that was the situation I was in. So I left. Whether I was pushed or whether I jumped is up for debate, but either way I have no job.

As I was only going my apprenticeship and due to the nature of the tattoo industry in my town walking into a similar position will be extremely unlikely and may no pay the bills quick enough. Due to the nature of my Instagram and the topics I discuss here and on the podcast I often get asked for certain services, such as; nudes, cam work, phone sex, key holding services and much more.

For anyone who doesn’t know how hard those kinds of jobs are, I can confirm having tried to do them at the same time as another job, they are extremely time consuming. However they can be rewarding. Helping people explore their kinks can come in many forms, and I am choosing to continue that interest I have and get myself starting with that line of work.

Many followers have asked me why I am choosing this kind of work for myself. In their words, I’m cute, I seem intelligent, I’ve got a lovely partner, why not just go and get another type of job. First of all I appreciate the sentiments of the compliments but the fact of the matter is that my intelligence can do the maths and if I can make a living out of sexy videos and phone chat lines it will be far more money than I can earn doing any other kind of job. Why? Because I know how qualified I am for other types of employment and that is not qualified at all.

I also have a childcare to attend too and doing this kind of work means I can be home with him when he isn’t at school and I don’t have to rely on other people for childcare during the school holidays. This is an immense feeling for me as a parent.

Also I actually enjoy being able to offer people pleasure or access to kink by offering it to them as a service. You may not want to pay people for sexual services, but lots of people do want to and I am very thankful that some of them choose me as the person to provide those services.

Another way in which I am hoping to move myself forward and feel good about the life I am living is by writing more. I am starting to submit pitches for paid blog posts on other sites and I am entering writing competitions. The feedback I get from my blog is amazing and I love each and every one of you that takes the time to comment, reply and contact me with your thoughts and feelings about the content I am creating.

Putting yourself out there as someone who is good enough at writing to be paid for it is terrifying. In all honesty though I think this is a job I should have been doing years ago, but life and lack of support in my formative years meant I didn’t believe I could do it. That has changed though, I believe in myself and I believe that I can create content not only for my own blog, but for other blogs that will be valuable to those people who read it.

Now I’ve explain where I am in terms of life goals, it will probably make sense to discuss why you keep seeing the Ko-fi button at the bottom of all by blog posts. If you’re not sure what I am talking about I have included it below.

If you enjoy the content I provide both here and as part of the #ProudToBeKinky Podcast and you would like to support that, then likes and comments are joyful to receive and you can also click below to support me through Ko-fi

Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com

I hoping with all my heart to be able to make it to Eroticon in March 2019. Not only will this be a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow bloggers, it will also allow me to attend workshops that will be invaluable in terms of improving the content I can provide and growing my blog. Right now with no fixed source of income Eroticon will not happen.

Any support offered to me through my Ko-fi account is going straight towards the cost of my Eroticon ticket. For anyone who doesn’t click on the link, but is wondering how much I realistically need to save, the cost for a standard weekend ticket is £160.00. Yes I could go for only a day, but honestly the longer I am there the more I can learn from my fellow bloggers. I have already hit 25% of my ticket goal on Ko-fi and I am overwhelmed by the kindness of the people who have chosen to support me.

Some people often speak out against bloggers, podcasters and other content creators asking for support in this way and it is I suspect the reason many people feel uncomfortable asking for support in the form of monetary donations. If you’ve ever listened to the podcast and heard Bakji mention our Patreon you will hear the level of discomfort many people have surrounding this topic.

Here’s the thing though, both the blog and the podcast cost money to create and the time that goes into creating them is immense. I do both those things because I love them and because I want to create content that makes me people feel good about their kinks, their sexuality, their alternative relationships and so much more. I want to keep providing free content for those that benefit from it, and right now the kind and generous support of my readers and listeners is really making that possible right now.

I also believe in paying it forward, so believe me when I say that once I am earning all the cash money I will be doing what I can to support other creators move themselves in the right direction.

I also have Patreon page coming soon and that will have lots of exclusive content for anyone who chooses to support me on an ongoing basis. Audio recordings of my erotica, access to my early erotica, Patron only stories and the thing I am most proud of is my BDSM Activity Workbook that will help fledgling kinksters explore their thought surrounding kink and non-monogamy while being provided with questions to consider and resources to help guide them along the way.

As I said earlier I’ve hit 25% of my goal on Ko-fi towards my Eroticon ticket. Support comes in many forms though, which leads me nicely to the #SoSS element of this post. The three bloggers I am about to mention have been mentioned by me before and with good reason, they are all awesome. In the past few weeks though they have been played a crucial part in building my confidence in going for it with my writing, though they may not know this until now!

PixieHeart Blog – Pixie was kind enough to approach me a few months back to write a piece for her blog ‘FemDom Is Not Just For Men’. Not only is Pixie working solidly to try and become a better writer, she is also taking care of a home and finding ways to support other bloggers. Pixie has a submission form for her blog, where other bloggers can write for her site and she very generously pays us for this. I think this is an amazing way to pay it forward and I hope one day to be able to offer the same to other through my own blog. I have just finished writing a second piece for Pixie and that was a piece I pitched to her, and the fact that she liked my proposal enough to say yes meant the world to me.

May More – It’s no secret that I love May’s blog, I know I’ve mentioned it once or twice on here. Honestly that’s because I love her writing style and the topics she tackles, even when they leave me a little uncomfortable and confused as to how I feel about things like her latest Smut Marathon piece. May is always so kind with her comments on my blog and recently she very kindly invited me to review a product for her blog. This is a huge compliment. Our blogs are personal, they represent our voices and our views on really sensitive matters. For another blogger to trust that you will respect the tone of their blog while also staying true to your own voice is a big deal. It was a pleasure to write ‘Size Matters’ for May and I hope you will give it a read and show her writing some love too.

Posy Churchgate – I’m going to be completely honest and admit that it was Posy’s adventures with her selfie stick to create images like ‘Man! I feel like a woman!’ that initially drew me to her blog. Digging a little deeper though and I discovered her writing is also angaging, sexy and thought provoking. Recently Posy asked me to give her my opinion on ‘Nipplegasm – No longer the Unicorn of Sexual Experience’ that she wrote for frolicme.com. First of all I was touched that Posy thought enough of me opinion to ask, second of all I loved what she wrote so please do go and give it a read. We also had a little chat about getting paid for our craft and how to go about it, she gave some serious food for thought and off that back of that conversation I actually sent a pitch to another blog looking for writers.

The encouragement and support we receive as part of the wonderful sex blogging community is amazing. Not only do people raise you up when your works speaks to them, they are also willing to help you improve by sharing information and offering advice. This is why I am so eager to go to Eroticon. To meet some of the wonderful people I have connected with since creating my blog will be such a wonderful experience. I am really not much of a hugger, but there are so many bloggers I am saving a hug for (with their permission obviously) and the three wonderful women I have mentioned today are definitely on that list. FYI ladies if hugs aren’t your thing I can also do fist bumps and rewards stickers.

8 thoughts on “[#SoSS] Sharing Is Caring #11

  1. Phew Floss. You laid it all on the line there. I love your blog. The way you write with honesty, intelligence, compassion and humour. And friendliness! I am sure you will reach your target and get to Eroticon. x

  2. I’m certain you’ll get what you need to go to Eroticon. You’re working so hard and absolutely deserve to go. I wish I could afford to offer more support to you as I really admire how determined and hard working you are.
    If there is ever any other support I can offer you then just let me know 🙂
    Also agree that Pixie, May and Posy are all awesome people!
    Aurora x

    1. Aw bless you Aurora that is such a sweet offer 🙂 I may take you up on that as I have a few things I need second eyes for. So volunteers are much appreciated xxx

  3. Good on you for standing up for your principles. The last boss I stood up to made the mistake of putting me between him and the only door out of his office. After he reprimanded me and announced he had finished I basically showed him that all the street smarts he apparently had required recollection somewhere between his seat and the door.
    Needless to say he ran crying to an ex copper from your country who fled here because he ruined so many careers in old blighty for mental health… the HR people were all behind me because I had just worked and worked, whilst my boss had leered over them making repulsive comments about why they would have lunch with me…
    Yep… don’t take shit from bullies. At least in the gutter I can stay sober and skid row bums respect what I have fought for and still will.
    There are those you stand up for too who turn on you for sticking up for them. Some people don’t know any better.
    These are the people who will always rewrite history too… a shame they usually never even spelled their own names properly though

  4. I loved reading this Floss and glad you have decided to go with your instinct as well as follow advice. Hoping to meet you at Eroticon next year too.

  5. Blushing 😉 x It is scary pitching but often worth it – I don’t get loads of paid work but when I do it really makes me feel kinda worthy – funny word but for a few days I strut around proud of my self 😉

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