[Review] Black Leather Heart Collar from Bondara

I am working on a blog post about collars and collaring, and I reached out on Twitter to see if any companies would like to help me explore my own personal experience with collars a little bit. Bondara very kindly responded to my request for help, and sent me two collars, the idea being that they would help me explore collars in a different way to the only one we currently use.

One of the collars I was sent was the Lair Black Leather Studded Heart Collar. I’ll be honest the reason this collar was one that appealed to me was because it was cute and I had visions of Bakji getting his submission on in a super cute heart collar. However, as soon as it arrived my feelings on the matter changed.

I have a really tiny neck (12”), which means that unless a collar is custom made, a wide range of shop bought collars do not fit my teeny tiny neck in the way I’d like them too. This collar however fits perfectly. Just the sheer fact it fits me so well made me want to wear it. No only does it fit, but it feels good. It is made from real leather and it is so soft, and it feels lovely against my skin.

At £19.99 this collar is a good price, but it feels a lot more luxurious than the price1537880961786 bracket suggests it might. I opted for the black version, because it matches the colour of my soul, but should you want to add a bit of colour to your playtime then it does come in red as well. Which I suspect would be just as lovely.

In terms of quality, this is a really well made product. The reason we only have one collar at present is because I have ordered many, and sent many back. I’ve also handled a lot in local stores and they have always been a little bit lacking, be that in size (which I appreciate isn’t a problem for everyone) or in build quality. While many people who are looking to wear a collar are happy to pay top dollar for it because it is not only an item for play, but an item with sentiment, some of us just want a good quality product for kink scenes that isn’t going to cost us the earth, but also won’t fall apart if things get a little rough. Because I’ll be honest that is going to happen in scenes at my house!

I’ll be honest and say that a lot of the things I identified as good about this collar, may not be relevant to how I use it, at least not at the moment. However I know what I like in a collar when I am using it on someone else and my beady eyes definitely spotted some of those things.

A D-ring is which is not only useful for attaching leashes to your sub, but more often than not I use the D-rings on collars for rope. It’s a really effective way to tie someone to them self, and the use of the D-ring can make certain ties look even prettier. Of course you might also like to attach bells, name tags or other accessories to your D-ring and that is something I might actually consider doing.

1537881012083Not only does this collar have a nice buckle fastening, but it is a lockable fastening! Now I don’t know about you but I get an extra tingle of delight knowing I can lock Bakji into any collar I am using on him. So even though I am potentially not going to be using this feature on this particular collar, I do like that it is there as an option.

It would be remiss of me not to go into more details about the heart studs on this collar. Not only because they were what originally caught my eye, but because upon receiving it i couldn’t get over how much I loved seeing the little hearts adorned the pretty collar. On of the things I am currently open to exploring, if not immediately, certainly as some point in the future is pet play, perhaps leaning more towards to the kitten side of things. When I picked this collar up my mind immediately went to thought of that kitten place. I think this would make an ideal collar for anyone looking to explore pet play, because it is so adorable that you will feel ten times cuter than normal, and that should make it a little easier to tap into that kitten-like state of mind.

Overall I think this is a great product. It has been modelled in this article by my lovely assistant Rosie. The lock in the second image of her is my own, you would need to purchase a lock separately to use this function of the collar. You can however purchase a padlock from Bondara, should you wish to be prepared for all events once your order arrives.

If you would like to see more pictures of me enjoying this collar why not check out one of my previous Sinful Sunday posts ‘Bite Me’ and if you would like to find out more about Bondara you can visit their website or follow them on Twitter.

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