[Erotica] Sexy Explorations

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I wasn’t sure I had a Monday post in me this week, my preference is to write something I can share to Masturbation Monday and as gorgeous as this weeks prompt photo is I couldn’t seem to write anything in response to it, I think perhaps the gorgeousness of it overwhelmed me. After recently trying my hand at #friflash run by F Dot Leonora and writing a review for another blogger, I wanted to challenge myself with my blog post this week.

I was initially going to give myself a word limit, but in the end I decide to use my two Storyin12 attempts from last week to inspire me. What actually happened is that I also wrote a Storyin12 for each of last weeks prompts. Those pieces are in block quotes through the writing below and the prompt word in in bold. 

Please bear with me if this doesn’t flow as well as my free formed erotica. One thing I learnt from engaging in the Smut Marathon earlier this year is that I don’t necessarily respond as well as I could to constraints placed upon my writing. That is something I would like to get better at, and I want to learn how to be more creative in my approach when certain limitations are in place. 

A big shout to @Mollysdailykiss and @Wriggly_Kitty who run the Storyin12 prompt over on Twitter. Thank you for today’s inspiration. 

‘You want to do that nasty thing? Love it! Let’s do it!’

The image he’d sent to me instantly caused a reaction in many parts of my body. I couldn’t remember the last time something ignited desire in me this quickly.  There was a man strapped to a single bed. Bare mattress, metal bed frame, no carpet on the floor, the surroundings looking more warehouse than our house. It was clear even from the still image that the woman in the photo had been doing unspeakable things to him. She hovered above his open mouth, and it wasn’t entirely clear but I was certain she was urinating on him. We’d never done anything quite that kinky before, and I thought I should be nervous or uncertain but I was only excited and eager to explore.

I think it was the wine talking, but I’m glad it did.

Feeling braver and more daring after a couple of glasses of wine, the messages after his initial picture and my initial response became much more graphic. He confessed that he’d been keen to be on the receiving end of Female Domination for longer than he could remember. He divulged fantasies he no longer wanted to keep hidden from me, and each and every word he sent aroused me further.

I wanted this with him. This thing that I thought existed only in porn or for men who paid professionals. Two myths that were dispelled quickly with one brief internet search. Terms like sensual domination, lifestyle kinkster and female led relationship all peaked my interest further and I bookmarked many sites to return to when I was not only a little less tipsy, but also less engaged in a fascinating back and forth about what kinds of things he had been fantasizing about.

It was only imaginary, but oh, how my good boy pleased me

In the days before we were together again I became consumed by thoughts of having him submit to me. We both agreed that too much, too soon could cause more harm than good. So we established some ground rules, some key things we’d like to try to begin with and all my fantasies revolved around this new adventure. Every time I closed my eyes, my hands would float gently across my skin, as my mind imagined him naked, bound and begging. Begging to be touched, begging to be teased, begging to be used and in the midst of these fantasies, once only his, now ours, I would grow wetter and my cunt would throb and I’d fuck myself until I cried out, his name always the word to leave my lips in the throes of my new passion.

I’m barely satisfied. I need you. Quench my thirst. Come for me.

Days away from being able to see you, constant masturbation was barely sating the need I felt with me. It was if a switch had been flicked on and sexual satisfaction was no longer enough. I needed more than to just feel the growing warmth and tingles of orgasm, the clenching and gushing of climax were nice, but they were not filling the new need I had within me. There was something you could do to help though. When I sent the message, I wondered whether you’d be on board. Whether you’d agree to let my words get you off. When you did I was filled with joy. You were so eager to please, so eager to to do as I asked, so eager to be mine.

That Skype call was a first in many ways. The first time I’d ever engaged in any kind of phone sex, the first time I’d seen you touch yourself, the first time I’d watch a man masturbate and most importantly the first time I’d uttered the words ‘come for me’. In that moment I felt something shift, I felt a connection to your orgasms that I had never felt before. The were no longer just the result of sexual activity, they were the result of you following my orders, the result of you pleasing me and it felt incredible.

Finally you knock. The day as come. You will be mine. All Mine.

When I open the door I’m struck by how different you look. Well maybe not different, but new. As if this exploration in BDSM of ours has already worked some magic on you. Perhaps it’s just the effect of finally being authentically you. When I think upon how much of your life has been about denying that part of yourself, I feel so sad for you. Then I remind myself that you no longer have to that and sadness turns to feeling honoured. I am above all else honoured that you chose to confide in me and that you can trust me to try my hand at dominating you.

I am so excited to see you, almost flustered by all the fun we have ahead of us, so much so that I completely forget my surroundings. Apparently 6 months in a new flat isn’t long enough to remember whether or not I do or don’t have stairs.

‘Get upstairs now.’

‘You don’t have stairs.’

‘Then get on your knees.’

There were smiles and chuckles as we both acknowledged my error. Still though, how quickly you bowed you head and folded gracefully to the floor, even if it was with a cheeky smile upon your face. Your head became level with my groin once you were upon your knees and I could see this would be a very fruitful position for me. An vision flashed across my mind, my heads gripping your head as I held it firm against my cunt or my arse. I wondered if you’d be able to breathe if I did so, the thought of restricting your breathing thrilled me. The sensible side of me decided to leave that discovery for another day though.

You look so at home on your knees, waiting for further instruction. Tentatively listening to my footsteps as I moved around you, my hands alternating between soft touches, firm kisses and   I notice with joy that all the usual tension held in your muscles has left your body. Though no one spoke, it was the most communicative silence I had ever experienced. It was as if we had each found our place in life.

Before long you are stripped naked. Bound to my bed. Your cock hard and throbbing, with each twitch confirmation that you are pleased you divulged your desires to me. I tease you, physically and verbally, slowly taking us down a path of pleasure we have never wandered before. The scenery is astounding, your reactions turning your body into a terrain I have never ventured into before. Everything is new here, things that I thought were familiar to me are now being seen in a new light, you are brighter now, more detailed, I can see you cleared than ever before.

Things are going so well. Everything I ask of you seems make the light in your eyes shine brighter. Then without warning a request has you hesitating, a shaky ‘really’ leaving your mouth. Something in this particular notion has unsettled you and I wonder if we should stop and chat it out. We previously discussed however what we would do if this situation arose, so we could clear up any confusion as to whether or not a scene should proceed, that is unless a safeword was used, in which case we stop. No safeword yet though, so I proceed with my enquiry.

‘Did you just question me?’

‘Yes Mistress’

‘Then I need my crop’

The use of ‘Yes Mistress’ and not my name signals that you do indeed want to continue, your eyes light up when I mention my crop and that seems like better direction to go on than my original plan.

The photo that accompanied the above Storyin12

I position you face down, bum in the air and marvel at what a sexy sight it is. I’ve never actually used a crop on anyone before, but just holding it feels sexy and powerful, I feel all kinds of wonderful as I begin to embrace and explore the Dominant within me. Not wishing to to go too hard to soon, I used my hand against the bare flesh of your arse to begin with. The sound of skin on skin is glorious, and you moan as if torn between pleasure and pain. I gradually increase the firmness of my spanks, before keeping them at a steady rhythm.

Your moans turn to soft murmurs, your body has relaxed completely, I realise I could do this for hours. I zone out a little, my eyes fixed on your bottom as it becomes redder and redder. Over time I begin to notice small flecks of purple beginning to show, my cunt twitches at the idea of you wearing the bruises I have created and I am overwhelmed by feelings of want and need.

I slowly decrease my spanking efforts, and once I have stopped my hands start to move across your body. You moan with pleasure, your cock is hard and eager. Your eyes are shiny and you look so content, when I speak, you mumble but you seems to have lost your ability to communicate fully. I wonder if the next think I do is cruel given your current state, but I really can’t help myself.

‘I want you to fuck me.’

Your eyes widen, but you do look a little shell shocked. You do not hesitate once freed from your restraints to fulfil this request though. As I lie down in front you, you position yourself between my thighs, your hands delighting in the feel of me, and your touch feels different. As if you are no longer just enjoying me, but worshipping me. So much has changed in such a brief amount of time.

Your cock, thick and hard slides into me effortlessly. I hear the word word ‘yessss’ leave my mouth, like a hiss and I must admit I feel snake like in this new venture. Even now as you fuck me, I can feel myself coiling around you, squeezing you, controlling you as you thrust into my cunt, your hands in a death grip on my breasts as you seem more sex robot than man.

I love this. I love this so much. I can’t take my eyes of you. I watch as you fuck me, my hand furiously friggin my clit and when I come, I come so hard I’m sure I black out. When my eyes open and return to gaze at you, your thrusts have stopped, seemingly to allow me time to return to you. You still fill me me though, and I am beyond pleased to know you didn’t come, which I can only imagine took some serious focus.

I pull myself away from you, and instruct you take my place. You lie on your back, eyes still sparkling, hands tracing my curves with that new level of affection. I know I could tie you down again at this point, but I’m enjoying the attention, so your hands are free to roam as one of my own hands wraps itself around your cock, and my intention is made clear within those first few strokes.

I want you to come, I want to feel you convulse beneath me, hot spunk flowing onto my hand. Your hands stop roaming as my efforts intensify, instead you hold me tightly, as you moan and grunt, as I edge you closer and closer to that final moment of climax. I’ve never seen you come like this before, as if it’s starting deeper within you. I feel like I am reaching into you, slithering snake like beneath your flesh to plunder the depths of your pleasure as I take from you what will now become mine.

My mouth drops to you ear and my breath soft and hot whispers a phrase that already feels like my home ‘I want you to come for me’ and I am in awe of how you try to speak, a broken up version of ‘Yes, Mistress’ leaves your mouth, and then it begins. You don’t just tip over the edge into climax, you free fall, your body tenses and shakes all at once, every muscle clearly defined as I take from you something I now own. Your pleasure is Mine, as are you, and nothing in the world has ever felt better.

As mentioned above I am adding this post to this weeks Masturbation Monday link up. Run by the wonderful Kayla Lords from Loving BDSM. Please do check out the other posts in the link up and well as Kayla’s own endeavours.


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12 thoughts on “[Erotica] Sexy Explorations

  1. I really like the way this reads. I appreciate the explanation at the beginning; otherwise the headers may have thrown me a bit. But I like the ‘separate vignette’ feel to this, and that scene-type fade-in/fade-out makes it a bit like reading a short film.
    If that makes sense. 🙂
    Nicely done.

    1. Bless you, that is lovely feedback, much appreciated. Yes I thought with explanation it might just look a bit odd, but I hoped with it, there might at least be some method in my madness, lol 🙂

  2. I am with Feve love the way you have done this almost like parts in a play – very hot too Floss – my cunt is pulsing! x

  3. I know they were little vignettes (and I LOVE what you did with them) but they all read like one story to me…maybe flashes of a moment here and there, but it was all connected to me. Love this!

    1. Thank you Kayla. I’m genuinely overjoyed this piece made sens to people, both as a whole piece and as vignettes. The former was how I tried to write it, but I was also happy for the it to be received as the latter too. As always the blogging community it so very sweet x

  4. I really like how you have used the Story in 12 prompts and it is so cool seeing people taking them beyond twitter and using them for inspiration in their writing

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