[Erotica] Reading, Interrupted – Part 2

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A follow on piece from this weeks #MasturbationMonday piece ‘Reading, Interrupted‘ because I just had too much fun with them to leave their story as it was. 

My heart pounded in my chest, seemingly louder than my knocking at her door. My earlier bravado was slipping away from me; what if the chemistry between us just wasn’t there in person. What if, what if, what if. So many maybes plagued my mind but before any of them could take hold and truly ruin everything she was standing before me.

She looked as bedraggled as I’d imagined her being when I’d hung up the phone, a benefit perhaps of me living so close, was that she’d had very little time to compose herself. We stood in silence once I’d entered her flat, and I wondered if she’d even washed her juices from her fingers, or if I’d smell her scent lingering upon their litheness if I lifted them to my nose.

I wondered how we would break this silence, each of us seeming content to be lost in our thoughts of the other. Suddenly, though she didn’t break the silence, she did walk away from me though. Instead of feeling affronted or baffled, I simply followed her as if we were joined by an invisible thread and a wave of serene curiosity washed over me, as I realised I had no idea how things might pan out, while also feeling totally at ease with all possibilities.

When we reached her bedroom, she undressed in silence, removing a pair of full briefs and an oversized t-shirt and dropping them to the floor. She lay on the bed and looked at me, while I knew this was an invitation for the longest moment I just stared at her. I had never seen her body before, and I had no desire to hide just how much she turned me on. As I stood staring, I saw her face begin to flush and the rise and fall of her chest begin to quicken.

I took all of her in as I began to undress. Once naked I found myself on the bed beside her, and once again there was nothing but two women gazing at each other while lost in their own thoughts. When our hands did begin to explore it was slow and tender. The frenzied masturbation we had experienced earlier over the phone, seemed to have taken the burning fire of need and turned it into soft glowing embers of passion.

Our hands moved over the soft new flesh before us as we navigated curves and lines that echoed our own, while also offering wildly different terrains to our own bodies. Only when her fingers trailed through my pubic hair, did the fire within me begin to kindle again. The ache within me was becoming visible outside of me, as I felt my thighs becoming slick with arousal. I reached down, imagining we would each fill the other with eager fingers keen to make a cunt other than their own climax, but she moved away from me, her hands spreading my thighs as she did so, and her intent being clear without so much as one word being spoken.

The first flickers of her tongue against my labia were almost painful in its intensity. I cried out and gripped the sheets of her bed and while part of me felt foolish for being so ‘ready’, a larger part of me wanted her to see the effect she was having on me. I wanted her to know I was eager and excited to have her touch me and fuck me. Which she did with an eagerness most certainly equal to my own.

Her tongue moved against me, wide and flat, covering the full length of my labia and stopping on my clit. She moaned against me as she tasted me, and it was as if this single act had spawned a new being with her, with a fierceness and wild abandon that I had never experienced before during oral sex, she made her face become one with my cunt as she fucked me senseless with her mouth.

The first orgasm rolled into second, and a brief interlude was bestowed upon before I was in the grip of a third. Then numbers became meaningless and my body shuddered against her continuously, as I as gripped in a cycle of cursing, coming and crying. The intensity of what we were doing hit me again and again, and by the time she had finished with me, my eyes were streaming and my chest was heaving as I tried to catch my breath.

When I’d composed myself a little I moved in to kiss her, and she drew my hand up to her breast as I did so. Taking the hint I began to fondle her breasts and tweak her nipples in an effort to see what responses I could elicit. When a gentle tweak was a little firmer than planned, she moaned, not in pain though, but in pleasure. I repeated the action again and sure enough, she moaned much louder this time, and the elbow propping her up on her side gave in, and she flopped onto her back, giving me full access to both breasts.

I straddled her in a way that meant I could not only use my hands with ease but my mouth as well, a decision that proved very fruitful, from the very first moment I lowered my lips to one of her extremely erect and equally hard nipples. As I sucked her nipple into my mouth, my tongue flicking over it as I did so, she let out a gasp of pleasure so forceful I felt as if I might have licked her clit in error. I had not ventured south without noticing though, she did, however, have very responsive nipples and I was excited to see just how far that could take her.

One hand pinched, flicked and fondled, while my mouth carried out its new and much-loved role. All the while she seemed so close to coming, as if she had gone from not there at all, to right on the edge with that first touch, but getting her over the edge, that seemed trickier. I figured there was a knack to it I just didn’t know yet, but in the absence of any further instructions, and given how much she was enjoying herself I just kept going. It got to a point where I had totally zoned out, I was lost in what I doing, and my only focus was her body writhing beneath mine, as she moaned and gasped with delight at my continued efforts.

‘Harder. Harder. Now, please, yes, now!’

Her words jolted me from my sex-fuelled spaciness, and I reacted with a speed I didn’t even know I possessed. My fingers pinched with a ferocity I was certain would bruise her, and my suckling became more akin to the action that creates a love bite. It seemed to be what she needed though because her body became gripped in the unmistakable throes of orgasm. When I deemed it safe to cease my efforts, this only seemed to increase the intensity of her climax and she gripped me to her, smothering my face in kisses and grinning wildly.

We lay there in our happy silence again, until she pulled me to my feet and to the bathroom, announcing that ever since we’d spoken on the phone earlier she been looking forward to a nice, long soak and now, in her words, it would be even better with me to keep her company. She also enquired as to whether or not I’d remembered that book of erotica. Which I had, of course, If this was the fun we had after only one story, imagine what else might happen if I read to her again.


Who else is being Wicked this Wednesday? 

9 thoughts on “[Erotica] Reading, Interrupted – Part 2

    1. Thanks May. I nearly always imagine my erotica ladies in regular clothing as opposed to lingerie, I think it’s because that’s what I find sexy. Not that I’m going to a kick a woman out of bed if she’s got lingerie on of course :p that’s also very sexy, but chilling out clothes? They definitely make my brain go phwoar =D

    1. With pleasure :p but I should warn you I sound like I’m reading fairytales at all times, lol. This is making recording my erotica a bit challenging *face palm*. Maybe people will be into that style though! =D

  1. It’s really nice to read a piece of super hot smut amid all the heavy posts this week! This made me smile… I’ve really been missing sex with women lately, so it also made me burn. 😀

    1. You know what, I had two ideas for the prompt, but both were quite full on and I just didn’t have the emotional bandwidth to write the this week. But I’m always int he mood for some hot lady on lady action, so I went with that, I’m very pleased it made you smile … and burn *wicked grin* 🙂

  2. So glad you carried on with this story. I love that she was totally unsure of herself but that the other woman led her along in such a beautiful way.

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