[Life] Feeling Sexy

What type of clothes make you feel sexy?

  • a specially selected casual outfit
  • lingerie or silky pyjamas
  • elegant, dressy evening clothes
  • anything that leaves me almost naked

All sorts of clothes make me feel sexy. Latex is a big one for me, there is so much about why I love it that it would be a blog post all on its own. However Latex isn’t the most practical of sexy clothing so I do were a lot of lace, fishnet and leather. High heels are another instant win in terms of feeling sexy. The right heels, a good set of underwear and a nice pair of fishnets would definitely push all of my feeling sexy buttons.

Which do you prefer?

  • pillow talk
  • sexy texting
  • love notes

Probably a toss up between pillow talk and sexy texting. Pillow talk obviously means that Bakji would be with me, which as we don’t live together he isn’t always, so those pillow talk moments are always wonderful. Although I confess they are not always sexy, but sometimes very silly, but I really enjoy that too. I love our sexy texts though. They’re usually more suggestive than graphics descriptions, but for me that is much more arousing. I like my sexy action to be graphic and the sexy words to be subtly seductive.

Which do you do best?

  • pillow talk
  • sexting
  • writing love notes

I don’t do it much these days but I am amazing at writing love notes, years of writing poetry does at least have that advantage. That said I am not bad at a teasingly sexy text, and I very much enjoy engaging in those with Bakji. We also send each other sexy things on Instagram and Twitter, and as I mentioned in my recent blog post we also have a sexy Trello board, that sees a lot of sexy exchanges!

You been granted just ONE of the following in your favorite city/place in the world. Which would you choose and why?

  • 24 hours of romance
  • 24 hours of lust (intense, overwhelming sexual desire but not acted upon mixed with enthusiasm for life)
  • 24 hours of sex

Probably romance I reckon. I think it’s the most likely way to both enjoy your partner and the city of your choice. Plus if you chose a city with romantic feels then it would be all the better. Romantic dinners, holding hands as you walk through beautiful surroundings, kisses under bright city lights, or moonlit skies, sounds like a lovely 24 hours to me.

I was curious to know what Bakji would say to this question, he’s always saying he is the most romantic out of the two of us, so I assumed he’d say 24 hours of romance too. However, he is such a rebel thought that he said  his own answer of 24 hours of subbing! I am sure we could combine the two though and do 24 hours of subby romance.

  1. How do you tap into your sexiness?

I always struggled to identify moments in which I felt truly sexy. There were plenty of times I could remember being told I was sexy, but just because some else perceived me that way didn’t mean I truly felt it.

When I started Topping Bakji for the first time in my life I actually felt sexy. Not because of what I was wearing, or what I was doing but because I had tapped into a side of myself that made me feel womanly, sexy and totally fierce. For anyone wondering why I became so hooked on FemDom, that would be the why in a nutshell.

It doesn’t matter whether I’m wearing Latex, Harry Potter PJ’s or nothing, tapping into my FemDom urges are the fastest way to feeling sexy.

Bonus: Which is better–your digital sex life or your in-the-flesh sex life?

Definitely in the flesh. I don’t have any digital sexy friends as it were, but I obviously do discuss my adventures in sex and kink online and while that probably makes me seem for more exciting than I am, the reality is still somehow better than I can articulate. The nuances of the scenes I enjoy with Bakji and the sexy adventures we sometimes get to have with our friends are hard to convey in words. I do try my very best, but in truth the reality is just so much richer and wonderfully glorious.

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