[Erotica] The Passenger

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‘Can I come along … just for the ride?’

I sighed heavily. This was meant to be our evening, just me and him. Not her.

He’d promised an evening of romance and sensual delights. I’d dressed carefully, sexy yet soft. I wanted to be seductive, for him to to be planning what he’d like to do to me once he got me home after dinner, I also wanted to be seduced. I wanted his hands to roam across my flesh, making me whimper and beg for more. That would not happen with her there. I glare at her furiously, knowing that once she has spoken there is no way I am leaving her behind.


I say spitefully but she just grins broadly, always so fucking smug. She thinks she already won the battle that is going to take place this evening. She’s wrong though, I make it very clear that she is just a passenger in this adventure.

‘If you so much as twitch a finger in his direction then I will never bring you out again. This is my night. He’s promised me a massage and wax play, even those nipple clamps I’ve been eager to try and all the spanks I can take. Do you know how long it’s been since I had those things? If you ruin it I will never forgive you. Do you hear me? Never!’

I realise I sound like a petulant child. All the while though her smile is fixed, eyes twinkling, a soft chuckle rising from her throat.

‘You always forgive me. Always. Besides, you love it when I ruin his plans for you. You love it when my fingers curl around his throat, making his eyes wide with the desperation to submit. You love when my teeth mark his flesh and my words a whisper against his ear make his cock hard and mind malleable.’

I pretend I haven’t heard her. We both know I have. I tell myself she is wrong. We both know she is right.

* * *

He is already at the restaurant when I arrive. He has dressed for the occasion and he is so beautiful. My eyes drink him in from head to toe, I’m aware I am ogling him, but I do so without shame or secrecy. When my gaze returns back to his face I can see his cheeks are flushed, my hand instinctively reaches out to touch him, and a vision of him being slapped firm across the face while kneeling naked before her flashes unbidden into my mind.

As we eat dinner those thoughts do not lessen. He is ridiculously sexy, and I love it when he takes charge and does all the wicked and delicious things to me that he knows I love. There is something so addictive about seeing him give in though. Watching as all coherence slips from his mind, the world meaning less and less to him, because he has a new focus, a new world, a new purpose. She becomes all those things for him, as she turns him, once again, into her willing disciple. My thoughts are not a secret from her, I can feel her fingers drumming against my thigh and we both know she was never here as a passenger.

* * *

As we step into the cool night air his fingers lace into mine as he kisses me adoringly upon the cheek. His apartment is a 10 minute walk from the restaurant and as we set off hand in hand I am visited by an old memory. We’ve eaten in this same restaurant before, and walked the same path back to his. There was a time he’d hurried me into a discreet hideaway between two old buildings, where away from prying eyes he’d fucked me so hard against the wall I had grazes on my forearms from trying to steady myself.  That same spot was now only moments away.

This time it was my turn to man handle him into the darkness provided by towering walls of stone, that long outlived those that toiled to build them, none of whom perhaps intended their work to be used in such a manner.

My lips landed firmly upon his as soon as I knew we safe from passersby, I could feel the breath being forced from within him, as he tried to utter words of confusion and protest between frenzied kisses. ‘But .. I .. Thought …. The plan …. I’. His plans were most likely fucked, just as he probably would be once we arrived back to the sanctuary of his home.

* * *

She has made her presence known to him now, her desire to Dominate over ruling any other desires held, drunk on the power his submission grants her, she does not know how to remain in the background. I cannot quiet her or dismiss her, nor walk away from her or deny her what she craves.

I watch as she places one hand upon his neck,  her slender fingers wrapping tendril like around his throat, his reaction so instant you’d think there was venom in her touch. With her other hand she unbuckles his belt, his cock is straining hard against its fabric prison. When her hand finds it and grips it, the little breath he has left is used as he expels a groan into the darkness of the night.

Her lips brush gently against his lips, as both hands remain in their places. Her words start to drip like honey from her lips, so sweet and delicious, sticky too as they claim his mind for her, as she reminds him once more that he is always hers and is only ever moments away from being summoned by her, commanded to fall at her feet, to worship and obey her, as her control feeds the desperate, aching need they have for each other.

I am fascinated by his face as he listens to her voice, while fighting the urge to come. I am torn between that view and the sight of her hand pumping his cock, over and over again, relentlessly pulling him to edge of climax, while telling him repeatedly that he must not and will not come.  It is a given that he will come though, she lives for that moment; watching as his face contorts, his muscles tense and his cock spurts and sprays in every direction.

The sight of his face wins today, and I can’t tear my eyes away from him as he loses the internal struggles and comes hard, spunk covering the front of her dress, as she fails to move away from him in those final brutal yet alluring moments.

* * *

‘I can’t believe I got your lovely dress dirty, I really do enjoy it when you wear that one.’

He looks genuinely disheartened when he sees the stain on my dress the next morning. I plant a kiss upon his lips, my arms wrapping around him in a hug as I whisper against his ear that it was totally worth it.

As I suspected the Dominant Bitch did ruin his plans, but alas all is forgiven, she is the most delightfully wicked part of me after all.

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    1. Ah man, I knew I wouldn’t fool everyone. you’ve clearly got the mark of me from reading my blog for so long, lol. Thank you for that btw =D

    1. I’m glad I am not alone. It is an ongoing personal feeling for me too, but I must admit as in the story the desire to Dominate wins 99.99% of the time, lol. It’s just too much fun for me =D

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    1. I’m glad some people were suspicious but not always certain, long time readers had me sussed right from the beginning. Cheeky blighters, lol x

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