[Kink] Nurse Floss Will See You Now!

Content Warning: Contains thoughts surrounding medical play, blood play, needles and mobility aids as kink equipment.

When I first saw this weeks prompt I was going to attempt a piece of erotica based around one of the only uniforms that I’d like to involve in my own kinky fun, the more I thought on it though the more I thought I should explore the fantasy itself.

One of the main areas of kink that I am keen to explore is medical play. When I’ve mentioned this on social media many of my followers have send DM’s asking me what that even is. In a nutshell it is an umbrella term referring to a number of kinks and fetishes involving objects, practices, environments, and situations of a medical or clinical nature

I didn’t always have this kink, at least not in a way that enabled me to identify it. However, since Bakji and I starting taking our kink explorations further together it has become an area of ever growing interest. Earlier this year I bought my first needle play kit and Bakji was kind enough to be my canvas and it unleashed a desire in me that I think had always been there, but came rushing to the forefront of my desire.

Needle Play – Temporary piercings done with sterile needles, usually only for the duration of a scene.

A bandaged Bakji & his droplets of blood

Things I enjoy about needle play are, firstly that it hurts; though it is worth stating that I judge very carefully when Bakji is subby enough for me to indulge in my love of causing sexy pain. When he is in that place though the act of causing him physical pain sends arousal coursing through my entire body. There is a tangible feeling of joy created in me when I push the needles through his skin.  Secondly it can create an element of fear in Bakji when we play; watching his eyes widen and that look of will she/won’t she flitter across his face is delightful, sometimes I just scratch with the needles, sometimes I do push them through a section of skin, the not knowing what I’m actually planning on any given day is I think what causes the momentary flashes of sexy fear. Finally it can cause bleeding. The first time I saw blood appearing on Bakji’s flesh from a needle scratch, I could have wept with joy. I was so excited. After the scene he said he could see that by looking at me when it happened and he had thought for a moment I was going to lick it. I won’t lie I 100% wanted to, but it wasn’t something we had discussed and I didn’t want to freak him out by slurping blood from his chest. I have however done this since though and as suspected it is freakin’ sexy. 

Needle play for me is also incredibly intimate and highlights the level of trust someone has in you. When I realised how much I loved needle play my mind became very excited at what else I might enjoy. I took to MedFetUK (who I thoroughly recommend btw) where I bought my needle play kit from and starting deciding on what other medical delights I wanted to invest in.

Through various mediums I also began to explore potential scene ideas and images of other people indulging in medical play, and the scenes I wanted to explore with Bakji began to grow. It has now gone from a few needles here and there, to wanting a full medical set-up, with ALL the things. It is about the only element of role-play I have any interest in exploring. That said you don’t have to include role-play to explore medical play, but for me there is an interesting in exploring both aspects.

The idea of being a Latex clad nurse, while he is my poor and unsuspecting patient is incredibly arousing. There is a restraint system called Segufix, which offer solutions for humane positioning and patient restraint. It pops up a lot in medical fetish porn and seeing people, but especially men completely immobilised literally makes my cunt twitch. I imagine having Bakji completely at my mercy like that, unable to even move his head. It is the gold standard of restraint in my mind.

I think an element of what I love about the potential medical play holds for us is delving deeper into stripping him of his ability to do anything. We used cohesive bandages (also known as vet wrap) a lot for mummification and watching how much the full body restraint both arouses and frustrates him is amazing. Teasing him relentlessly knowing there isn’t a damn thing he can do about it (except use his safeword which is of course always an option) is some of the best fun I’ve ever had.

Mummification –  Immobilizing the body by wrapping it up, usually with multiple layers cling film, vet wrap, palette wrap etc. Creates a feeling of total bodily helplessness.

I have also used the vet wrap to wrap up Bakji’s fists, and on another occasion I wrapped it around his bent arm (think bringing you hand to your shoulder then having you entire folded arm bandaged). This creates an illusion of bandaged stumps. That wasn’t what I was aiming for, it was entirely incidental, but once I done it I couldn’t suppress the immediate reaction of ‘okay, that’s actually super hot. That’s the thing with kinks and fetishes, sometimes even though your logical brain says ‘that’s maybe not okay and why do you like that’, the part of your brain that is aroused just carries on regardless.

Obviously for a a variety of reasons I realise that a lot of this will be unpalatable for many people and that a lot of what I’m inclined toward with regards to medical play would be a hard limit for a good number of those people. Which is why I don’t imagine many of my readers will be on board with the next element I’d like to explore and was the reason I took to Twitter asking if I should indeed write a post that could cause offence.

Some of the items I would like to include in our medical play are items that some people have either no choice in using, or use to allow them a level of mobility they otherwise wouldn’t have and I suspect my interest in them for pleasure purposes will pose a problem to many people. This is absolutely a conversation I am willing to have, should anyone like to do so.

Wheelchairs and neck braces are two of the main items I would love to in invest in for kinky fun. There are various medical fetish clips that involve someone being bandaged, wearing a neck brace and being restrained within and to a wheelchair. For me this isn’t about fetishising wheelchair users, though I am aware that is indeed a fetish for some people. That said though I am also not discounting anyone from being sexy, including those people who may use a wheelchair or other mobility aids. I realise people might wonder ‘why not a dining chair, or a decent posture collar?’ Both of which I’d happily do for other scenes, but for this particular fantasy they just wouldn’t work.

For me personally this kink is about those items being a vessel for me to use in immobilising Bakji and creating a level of dependency during the scene. This is I think where assumptions are made about my general worldviews, which would be incorrect reflections of how I view users of neck braces and wheelchairs. Combining those elements during a kink scene would render Bakji helpless, baring in mind he would probably also be gagged and blindfolded. There is an element of him being totally fucked and entirely at the mercy of my whims and desires. When you also consider the fact I’ve highlighted that I a fair level of Sadistic interests it just gives an feeling of slight horror to the whole scenario.

I also love the idea of using a straight jacket, and any restraints that have an ‘asylum regulation’ feel to them, get me hot under the collar too. Just to be clear I am well aware that the term asylum in regard to mental health facilities is no longer appropriate. I’d also like to make everyone aware that I have my own mental health struggles and have an immediate family member who spent time during my childhood in a psychiatric hospital and there are elements of that experience that have directly affected my life.

That doesn’t change the fact that the iconic images of a ‘lunatic asylum’ can in and of themselves be of great interest to me and extremely arousing. I never want to be the one at the mercy of the wayward nurse though. I think in my fantasies the nurse role I am portraying in my mind is a little bit manic, almost as if she is the slightly ‘unhinged’ one and my bound and helpless patient is perhaps not a patient at all.

When I asked for advice on whether or not I should write about this, thought without sharing what ‘this’ was, overwhelming the encouragement was to do it. There was a lot of talk about how and why we should discuss taboo kinks. I really hope you aren’t disappointed that this isn’t a little more taboo. Or maybe it is quite taboo, to be honest I have no idea. 

As always when I write about things where Bakji is under my control, here is my safety disclaimer. He can always use his safeword, and we make arrange for safe sounds or safe signals when he cannot speak. I monitor him exceedingly carefully when we are engaging in all kinks but especially kinks that are consider edge play. We negotiate fully before we engage in any new kinks and I always due my research, education and due diligence before engaging in any kinks that require a level of knowledge before engaging in them. Bakji may get hurt but he is never unduly harmed. 

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This post was inspired by the Wicked Wednesday prompt this week which was ‘uniforms’, please follow the link below to see who else is being wicked this Wednesday and what other uniforms have captured people’s imaginations.

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20 thoughts on “[Kink] Nurse Floss Will See You Now!

  1. Thank you for this. It’s all a definite hard limit for me and for Sir too thankfully! But I have questioned the desire behind wanting to do these types of kinks. You writing this has answered those passing thoughts for me. Thank you. It sure sounds like you two have an amazing depth to your D/s, that is just beautiful. xx CC

    1. Thank you so much for this comment. It’s good to know that even when kinks differ for people talking them through can relate to their own kinks. Really happy to hear that x

  2. This is bloody brilliant! I am a huge needleplay fan so didn’t find it particularly taboo, just exciting and sexy. We’ve never really seen in as medical play because we’ve never built the scene up like that and I’m not sure he’d pull off the sexy nurse look very well *laughs.
    One thing I have always wondered about is speculum play, it probably won’t work in your dynamic but it’s something that does intrigue me.
    Finally, I love the asylum type surroundings. I have no connection to them but I think the horror factor plays a big role in it. I love transgression and edge play so it all ties in. And speaking of those surroundings, I have a photo I must share with you…i’ll dig it out and tweet a link to you, let me know what you think.

    1. I loved that image you shared with me! I would 100% love to do a scene somewhere like that, preferably when it was a bit gloomy and the atmosphere felt a bit eerie.
      I am very tempted to buy a speculum, ‘probably’ not to use on Bakji but the threat of owning it would be fun for me *insert evil grin here*!

  3. Having been introduced to needle play only a year or so ago – which broke a hard limit – I find I’m fascinated by all sorts of medical play. In my case, that means a heavy dose of castration/penectomy play. Sounds and catheters I’m already familiar with.
    Personally I’ve always thought of the straitjacket as bondage play as opposed to medical, but you’re right, in play it can easily be viewed as a medical restraint.
    I loved to read about your own reactions as it helps me understand what I’ve seen with my domme and her reactions.
    There’s so much scope for imaginative play under the medical banner.

    1. It’s been so interesting hearing from people who also enjoy medical play, but in slightly varying ways to what I discussed. As you say there is so much scope under the banner of medical play.
      Interestingly my partner also see a straight jacket as bondage play, which works really well for him as bondage is one of his main kinks. He would like a shiny black one, where as I want a more traditional looking white one. I think aesthetics are huge part of it for me, so we may need to get both, lol. Thank you so much for reading and commenting x

  4. Neither needle play nor mummification has my interest, but there are other forms of medical play I can definitely get into. Examinations, oh yes! Speculum? Even more yes!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and kinks 🙂
    Rebel xox

    1. Thank you, it’s been really wonderful to receive so much feedback from both people who are into and not into some of the things mentioned. Both you and May mentioned examinations and I really hadn’t considered that being a focus of the scenes, but I think they would actually be received well by Bakji, so I’m glad you both gave me something further to ponder x

  5. Great piece Floss! Medical play isn’t something we have an interest in but I have Fet friends who do a lot of needle play and I do find their images fascinating and creative. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Am with Marie in that an examination scene is hot – licking blood would also appeal. Glad you wrote this Floss – it’s fascinating and I admire how you continually put yourself out there with your writing x

    1. Aw thank you so much May, I learn so much about myself when I write these pieces and from the comments that arise from sharing them. I never really focused much on the examination side, but I think that would work really well for Bakji so I am going to start considering how that would work for us 🙂 x

  7. My hubby loves needleplay, but it does zero for me whatsoever. However, I do like to indulge him now and then, as he only has a few other play partners who will do it with him. Horses for courses as my Nanna used to say, well done for writing about something you love so passionately.

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