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This isn’t a declaration I make very often, be it to his face or on this blog, but I love Bakji loads. Like serious warm and fuzzy feels. He is a wonderful man and he makes me so happy to have him in my life. I’d never want to harm him and keeping him safe and in one piece is my number one priority at all times.

That however doesn’t stop me revelling doing wicked things to him. Wicked things like slapping his face.

Part of what I enjoy most about face slapping is how ‘wrong’ it is. Yes I spank bottoms, not only with my hands but with some seriously ouchy implements. Bottoms however are soft and fleshy, and they deal so well with impact play, it’s almost as if they were designed with spanking in mind. Faces on the other hand are a little more delicate. Your chances of getting a face slap wrong are much higher than getting a bum slap wrong. Especially if you haven’t done your due diligence and just swipe someone across the face with full force and hope for the best (please never do this).

That danger though is really part of the fun for me. There is something really edgy about slapping someone round the face. Which for me makes it really fun to explore. I would never hit Bakji in anger or to be nasty. Only when the FemDom commences and he’s subby as fuck and responsive in all the right ways does it become part of my agenda. Many of the kinks I enjoy I do so because in everyday life they are considered wrong, inappropriate or mean. It is thrilling as a nice, caring and loving person to commit actions that appear to go against all those things. Even though care and love are at the heart of why we can explore these kinds of kinks together.

Recently we had a scene that had a lot of face slapping in it, and when the scene was done we both commented on how it was one of the hottest scenes we had ever done. I had restrained Bakji with our under bed restraints, which meant he had some movement still. He was able to lift his head a couple of feet, but was not able to sit up. He was told to stay lying down though and when I tell him to do something I expect him to adhere to my wishes. He is however a total brat at times, so decided to ignore his instructions, which when I took the chance to indulge in some face slapping merriment. He was told very clearly, and in no uncertain terms, that if he did it again I would slap his face.

Because of the nature of face slapping I always give him this get out clause. I always do it as a result of his actions, therefore if he does not want to engage in it I know he will do as he is asked.

When once more his head reached up to try and engage with me, I knew we were in for some face slapping fun. Quick as a flash my hand was upon his cheek. Not hard enough to leave a mark, but definitely firm enough to cause him to lie back down. His cries of ‘but I just want to kiss you’, ‘you’re so sexy’, ‘please let me touch you’ fall on deaf ears when FemDom Floss is in control. I gave zero fucks about his compliments in those moments, all I cared about is good behaviour or dishing out punishment for bad behaviour.

He was reminded that he was given a warning which he chose to ignore, and as he knows I am a woman of my word. If I say I’ll do it, I’ll do it. I reiterated that if he continued to lift his head I would continue to slap him. The only way to cease the face slapping would be to lie the fuck down and stay there!

He repeatedly disobeyed my commands, so he repeatedly got slapped across the face. If I remember correctly he also got a good amount a verbal reminders about why he was a pervert for enjoying the face slapping and how if he wasn’t so goddamn subby perhaps he could have avoided it. All of which made his cock harder and his desire to behave virtually non existent. Which in turn made me full of joy. Jot of heart, joy of mind and joy of cunt. The trifecta of kinky joy if you will.

I asked Bakji for input about what else he can remember about this scene and like me all he can remember is how much it turned him on. I’m willing to bet I gave him a handjob until he jizzed everywhere because #that’smyfetish. I also think he had his Latex hood on, but can’t be sure on that. We both have a severe case of kink amnesia, as is the case with 99% of our scenes, hence why we film them all on the gopro so we can remind ourselves of our awesome sexy fun from time to time.

Kink Amnesia – The act of completely forgetting the details of a kink scene. We surmise this is due to the spacey feelings we each encounter when playing, once we have returned back to normality our brain doesn’t seem to commit the spacey time to memory in the way we’d like it too.

One of the other and perhaps a slightly more controversial reasons I enjoy face slapping is the fear. We have a few go to kinks that cause Bakji to get that wide-eyed ‘oh no’ look, and every time he gets that look in his eye, I just want to squeal with delight. That momentary flash of panic, followed by the realisation that he wants me to do it and the arousal that all those things combined cause, is absolutely immense.

I must confess that isn’t all I love about face slapping. I also enjoy being slapped, but my reasons for that are a little different. What I love about being slapped is how rough it is. The impact of hand on face takes my breath away a little, and it momentarily stuns me, but when I come back to myself it leaves a hunger and eagerness in its wake that can fuel all manner of kinky desires. Sometimes it might encourage me to be more submissive, other times it might awaken a more primal need in me. Usually this is dictated by who I am playing with and the type of other kinks we are engaging in at the time.

I would also take a good dose of face slapping during sex without any other kinks present. I’m not really a huge fan of soft, gentle sex. It’s best for me when there’s some mixture hair pulling, biting, scratching and the brutality of face slapping fits in there beautifully for me. I’m really not a fan of the term foreplay, but anything could be foreplay for me it would be something like face slapping. If a trusted sexual partner bit my neck, slapped me round the face, ripped my knickers off and fucked me silly, I would consider that a bloody good session.

I know for many people this kink is a hard limit, and it is for very real reasons considered edge play amongst most kinky folk. For that reason I would never slap anyone round the face during play without knowing it was on the table as an action I could engage in with them. Not only can it go wrong physically, but the emotional connotations it can have for someone can range from mildly upsetting to deeply traumatic. I advocate playing safe with all kinks, but I advise extreme caution when playing with the edgier kinks like face slapping.

I also want to add a final disclaimer of not only do I proceed with face slapping after a warning that I will do it, but at all times Bakji has his safeword at his disposal, and also his regular words. Unlike me he doesn’t say no when he means yes (that’s another one of my kinks I think), so words like red, no, no more, please stop, please don’t do that, I don’t like that etc would cause me to stop. He is always in safe hands with me and as I’ve said before no Bakji was harmed in the making of this blog post.


This blog was inspired not only by Kink of the Week, but predominantly after reading May More’s post on the same subject, which I discovered when reading through this weeks Masturbation Monday posts and checking I still had time to write my own sexy something. Please check out not only her post but the other posts that will be submitted to Kink of the Week and Masturbation Monday, as I am sure there are many more to come. *giggles*. Pun absolutely intended.

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20 thoughts on “[Kink] Love Me Some Face Slapping

  1. Great post Floss – interesting that you like to give and receive the slapping – And you mention the fear element – I suppose that can come into it but in my situation, my man is so not scary – which is one of the reasons I think I like it when he slaps me. Thanks so much for the mention too xx

  2. I’ve always loved being slapped, although rarely (pretty much never) get to indulge.
    I think you hit on a few parts of why I love it. The feeling, the taboo (not acceptable) nature of it and just that way it’s like a nitro boost for my lust.
    The idea of being slapped across the face and then having my face pulled back and kissed is such a hot idea. The idea of a slap being a punishment also might have something to do with it 🙂

  3. I have a love/hate relationship with face slapping. It was a hard limit before I met HD, and he asked if I wanted to try it while we were struggling to figure out how my body worked. It hurts, and I hate that it hurts, but it creates a deeply submissive sensation and arouses my body.
    I still hate the pain and the way I flinch in anticipation.

  4. I like and understand all that you say (even if I just cannot enjoy face slapping for the very reason you point out: it brings nasty connotations from the past.) My best regards.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting, especially as this isn’t something you are a fan of yourself. It has been so interesting reading other people’s though on the subject and I really value having the conversation with those who like me love it and those like yourself who don’t x

      1. You are very welcome, Floss ✨ ! From my part, I do like as well knowing of different points of view and learning from other’s experiences. In truth, we all learn almost everything from others :)) ((A Hug! ))

  5. Oh thank you so much for writing this! I think I get that “oh no” look in my eyes, too, and I’m sure that’s one of the things JB loves about slapping my face, too. And I love that “no “Bakji was harmed in the making of this blog post” — at least not in a way that he doesn’t love, lol.

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  7. I think my spouse has kink amnesia. Or something similar, anyway. There are certain things we’ve done — often involving other people — where afterward it’s like he doesn’t remember any of it. Or he’ll have a very disjointed memory of events. Which means I’ve learned to have a lot of patience and, since I DON’T forget, have “reconstruction” conversations afterward.

    1. Bless him. I think it’s really good to be able identify that and be able to reconstruct together afterwards. When both of you have kink amnesia it’s even trickier, lol. Bakji once sent me a clip of us off our go-pro, and I felt awful responding with ‘i do not remember ANY of that.’ Clearly it was me and him, but I had zero recollection of it!! Thankfully he said exactly the same, so no one was offended. Crazy thing was it was such a sexy and amazing session, how we forgot it is beyond me *face palm*!

  8. This is fascinating. I read all these posts about faceslapping and they make think I am wrong about not liking it and then we try it and I am like… NOPE, not for me

  9. I”m so glad Mrs Fever told me about this KOTW. I feel like all of a sudden there are a million new blogs to read! I”m glad I stopped by to read your post.

    1. Yay! It is so exciting when we find new blogs to enjoy. I love things like KOTW for discovering new people. So pleased you stumbled across mine x

  10. I just love that image, it made us both giggle!
    I love your thoughts on this, I think it’s the taboo that makes it so hot. Whilst I don’t want a teeth rattlingly hard slap, I’d love to see how I react to it.

  11. ithought iwas alone on this faceslapping fetish well lm happy its alot of us .ihave this strong feeling im failing to resist everytime isee afaceslapping video it turns me on or even seeing afight that involves some slaps ,but idoubt my wife will understand my fetish idont know how to ask her to slap me

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