[#SoSS] Sharing Is Caring #8

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It’s been a sizzling summer and the sex blogging community has been matching that, if not exceeding the temperatures with some of the awesomely sexy writing they have been sharing, this last week was no different.

I personally shared two posts Love Me Some Face Slapping, inspired by Kink of the Week and submitted to Masturbation Monday and The Passenger which was inspired by this weeks Wicked Wednesday prompt.

The Kink of the Week of face slapping has unsurprisingly divided opinion, as you will find out if you read my post on it I’m a big fan and some of my favourites posts this week are from blogger who also love it. So before I recommend them, I shall recommend 5 Things To Know About Face Slapping by the wonderful Kayla Lords from Loving BDSM Podcast. Essential reading if you want to give face slapping a go but aren’t sure where to being.

I know I’ve mentioned May More and her blog a few times lately, either here or on Twitter, so #sorrynotsorry for being a bit of a fangirl. I just find her writing very sexy and she seems to tap in to a lot of things I enjoy. Her post Face Slapping – A Controversial Issue not only prompted me to get my own post about face slapping done, but also caused many feels in the sexy regions of my body!

I also enjoyed Wriggly Kitty’s thoughts on face slapping in Slap Me Again. As she points out face slapping is edge play and for many people engaging in it isn’t straightforward and there can be a lot of emotions to unpack when you do give it a go. I think it is really important to keep that in mind if you decide it might be for you.

Not every is a fan of face slapping and I think Molly explores her thoughts on why that is the case for her really well in A Real Slap in the Face. While it is wonderful to connect with bloggers who feel the same as you about certain kinks, I also enjoy finding out why others feel differently to me.

Another kink that is sometimes controversial and can, like face slapping, cause serious harm if done wrong is emotional masochism. Submissy explores some of her thoughts surrounding this kink in a really eloquent way, and while it isn’t always an easy topic to articulate our thoughts on, I think she did a great job in her post Emotional Masochism.

There are more than a few pieces of Lascivious Lucy’s that I find thoroughly delightful and Beverly’s Private Show is one of them. A continuation piece, there are two other instalments of Beverly’s tale and I must admit I find them all very sexy indeed.

As I try to do weekly I will also be getting involved with Sinful Sunday tomorrow. Once the link up is available please do give the bloggers who submit images a visit and show them some love. Consider getting involved yourself too, I know a lot of you would have some awesomely sexy images to contribute and you can be as discreet or as out there as you choose.

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  1. Thank you for the mention. One of the things I have always loved about Kink of the Week is learning how things work for other people, especially if it is a kink that is not mine. Often reading peoples post help me to see how it is hot to them and that is a wonderful thing

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