[Sinful Sunday] To Clothe Or Not To Clothe …

… That is the question.

I made a comment on Instagram about how too many clothes, as well as too few clothes always see a drop in followers. This prompted two comments:

  1. You’re cute so why don’t you keep your clothes on.
  2. Wear clothes less you shouldn’t be keeping that body to yourself.

I will be expanding on my thoughts behind this in a full blog post soon. The main thought I have though is clothes or not I am still fierce, sexy and doing it for myself.

So here I am in clothes, feeling like the world better watch out before taking me on. I am very much in a give no shits and take no prisoners stage of my life.


I’m sharing this image as part of #SinfulSunday, follow the link below the lips to see what my fellow sinners are getting up to today. Whatever it is I guarantee there will be some hella sexy images there for you to peruse.


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26 thoughts on “[Sinful Sunday] To Clothe Or Not To Clothe …”

  1. Glad you aren’t wearing a balaclava or anything like that… I mean, wear what you feel comfortable. You are engaging to with your topics of discussion, so don’t do anything to prevent that.
    I have lived alone for at least 16 years so I pretty much do as I said…
    I sometimes shouldn’t listen to the ideas I come up with for myself though 😂

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    1. Lol, nope no balaclava, with the great will in the world I don’t think I could make one of them sexy :p You are so right about doing what we feel comfortable with, it’s rare that I don’t, which is highlight by the fact I am catching up on Sinful Sunday posts in a cat onesie! Maybe I’ll post a picture of me in that one day =D x

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