[Photography] Ropes in the Shadows

My image this week isn’t of me, I asked my lovely friend if I could share a photo I took of her this weekend and I am delighted that she said yes.


This outfit was a joint effort, my friend having done the top half and myself doing the bottom half. It wasn’t a tie I’d done before, so I was fairly happy with the results and we took some awesome photo memories of a brilliant night out.

The reason I love this image and wanted to share it with you all is because it reminds me of friendship. While the trips we make to kink events are definitely sinful, in more ways than one, essentially what keeps us coming back is the people. Not just the familiar faces but also the opportunities to make new friends too.

I uprooted my entire like when I decided I wanted to venture into the world as a single person and explore the kink community. Weekends like this one fill me with joy though, and I the people I have connected with have made that a worthwhile decision.

I’m sharing this image as part of #SinfulSunday, follow the link below the lips to see what my fellow sinners are getting up to today. Whatever it is I guarantee there will be some hella sexy images there for you to peruse.

Who else is being Sinful this Sunday?

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16 thoughts on “[Photography] Ropes in the Shadows

  1. The picture is lovely, the words even more so.
    The vast majority of my friends are those I’ve made through the kink scene and events are such a wonderful way to share that kinky bond.

  2. This photo is awesome! I didn’t realize the top and bottom half were ties; I thought it was a two-piece shirt that had just had the bottom half pulled down! Being part of a kinky / alt sexuality community has a remarkable impact on our sense of identity and well-being… glad you’ve found a community that makes you happy!

  3. This photo is incredible! I can see why you wanted to share it. Very expertly shot and a stunning model. You’re the only person I know who discusses joining the social kinky lifestyle on your own and it always inspires me to be brave and try to do the same. Hopefully one day I can.
    Aurora x

    1. Bless you, thank you for a lovely comment, especially as I was rather tipsy when I took this photo, lol. Yep all it takes is one moment of crazy brave to get you to be social with strangers and awesome things can happen x

  4. I love rope photos so much. In fact, I love rope *for* the photos more than the restraint aspect. But I’m a photo whore! Glad your friend said yes to you sharing her photo. Xx

    1. Rope does lend itself so well to beautiful photo opportunities, it’s rare though that I do a tie pretty enough to share! So this made a nice change 🙂

  5. It took me awhile to figure out what I was seeing and just what the ties were. Quite something, an interesting and arousing photo. Like anything, it’s fun to meet people with a shared interest and make friends. Glad you are having fun and sharing your experiences.

    1. I was initially editing it so I could send them to my friend, and when I saw that edit I was like ‘omg waaay to dark’ as I looked at it though and like you started to figure out what I was seeing and what the darkness did and didn’t highlight I decided it was perfect for Sinful Sunday =D

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