[#SoSS] Sharing Is Caring #7

#SoSS / Saturday, June 2nd, 2018

IMG_6998Apologies for being behind on these #SoSS posts lately. May was a bit of a manic month for me. My first ever holiday with Bakji, to the wonderful New York City, a new job, the loss of my beautiful little cat and half term means I’ve been rallying hard to just keep the changes in routine from setting my anxiety skyrocketing.

It’s June now though and perhaps that is a good time to start a fresh, treasure my May memories and let the tough times go somewhat. I think a great way to start June of right is by sharing some truly sexy blog posts with you.

As regular readers will know I love to participate with Masturbation Monday and Wicked Wednesday, I’d love to do both every week, but inspiration and time do not always allow for it. This week though I’d would like to share some of my favourite submissions to those prompts from the last week.

Cara Thereon is a wonderful blogger, she writes beautifully and I won’t lie she submitsrainbowcircle1-150 some glorious images to the Sinful Sunday prompt too. Her submission for Wicked Wednesday this week was Sticky Fingers and I have to say it was deliciously naughty and I loved every minute of it.

Inspired by her recent Smut Marathon entries and participating in #storyin12 on Twitter Wriggly Kitty decided to write a drabble, a piece of writing that is exactly 100 words in length. She managed this perfectly with Underdog. In 100 words she had be feeling all the things I’m looking for when I read erotica. It may have even inspired me to try my hand at some flash fiction too.  

Kayla Lords is the wonderful lovely who runs the aforementioned Masturbation Monday. She also hosts the Loving BDSM podcast with her husband and Domly one Mr. John Brownstone. We have had them on #ProudToBeKinky and they were two of the loveliest people, they kind in heart and super sexy, so basically my favourite kind of people. For her Wicked Wednesday post Kayla present us with You Said Underdog, and I Heard Underboob and it was a beaut of a post. You must go and read it, or in my case gaze pervingly at it.

My Wicked Wednesday post this week was inspired by Under My Thumb by Posy Churchgate. I love Posy’s blog, and she is another lady who provides us with some super sexy Sinful Sunday images. This week she discussed her curiosity surrounding BDSM. Even if people decide BDSM isn’t for them, I love being able to answer questions and encourage the conversation so we can all learn more about our like and dislikes. Which is why I decided to forego commenting on her blog and just wrote my reply as a blog post, because I know for sure lot’s of my readers are also BDSM Curious and I do love an opportunity to turn that into BDSM Active.

Masturbation-Monday-badge-1I will be honest and say I sometimes struggle to read product reviews. They are incredibly valuable and I try my hardest to do them myself (although I am behind at the moment). This means I was absolutely not expecting to be highly aroused by Threesome to Satisyfyer – Pro 4 Couples by May More. Oh my goodness though, this was the sexiest product review I have ever read. You will not be sorry you clicked on the link to this one I can guarantee you that.

There are certain stories that tap into either side of my Switch interests, occasionally though I will read something that has my Sadistic and masochistic side fighting for attention, Please Touch My Tits by Tits and Test Tubes was one of these pieces. It was super sexy and I couldn’t decide whether I was in the mood to bit or be bitten!

If you are ever in the mood for you erotica to offer you something a little different then you have to visit Lascivious Lucy. This week I read Alice Practices Diplomacy. It was hella sexy and quite literally out of this world. When I got to bottom I realised it was actually a continuation piece and I headed straight over to Alice’s Adventures in Space to read more.

There are blogs that make me feel sexy, and there are blogs that tug at my feels, Fire and honey by Violet does both. This week Violet wrote Cosmic for Masturbation Monday and not only as it super hot, but it also gave me the warm and fuzzies. She writes so beautifully about D/s dynamics and she always triggers my mind into reflecting on my own dynamic with Bakji and how much I truly adore it.  

One of my favourite things about the sex blogging community is that isn’t all erotica and sex toys. Sometimes it’s opening up about the things we don’t do, or can’t do. We all the things we work towards or the limits we have no interest in changing. In Bareback, Wriggly Kitty discusses something that I can imagine to be immensely personal, but it is present in such a thoughtful and honest way that it is a truly valuable post.

SinfulSundayLips150As well as Masturbation Monday, you can also check out Sinful Sunday, which I mentioned above, where it’s all about the image and if you are on Twitter please do visit #storyin12 and follow @storyin12, for some excellent 12 word stories.

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  1. Thanks for including me and so happy you enjoyed my review – I had fun with it.
    Very sorry to hear about your cat – I love cats and many have broken my heart <3

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