11 thoughts on “[Photography] Baring All

  1. I’m glad you posted this photograph because you loved it. I have to say I am pretty enamoured of it too. It definitely is not dull.

  2. I love taking nudes. Don’t ask me why, I just love the whole process.
    Your image here is stunning, I can totally appreciate why you liked it so much. The curve of your hip into the dip of your waist is so sexy and the little glimpse of your pussy is tantalizing

  3. Goodness . . . just so much I LOVE about this photo.
    The beautiful smooth curves . . . that lovely tantalising glimpse of your lips . . . and that intriguing tattoo . . . and your head turning back to look at the camera.
    Just a wonderful photo . . . LOVE it !!!

  4. This is a stunning nude photo. I am glad that you have found one that you enjoy, from a purely selfish standpoint because if you didn’t like it we wouldn’t be seeing it.

  5. It’s beautiful! Really…from the tats to the glance over your shoulder to the intriguing perspective. Glad you shared it. But I do get the “I’m bored by my own nudes.” My problem is that I just can’t figure out any new ways to photograph myself. I’m not very creative in that way.

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