[Erotica] Naughty Kitten

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I’m not invited into Daddy’s bed tonight. The four poster I am frequently tied to, as flowing drapes hide us from the world. My misdemeanours mean I am to remain on the outside while Daddy entertains our guest.

To start off their evening, dinner was cooked and served by me. Impressed with the dishes I prepared for them Daddy places some kitten treats in my bowl. As always it was placed under the table at Daddy’s feet, when I am finished I rest my head against his lap and wait for further instruction.

With dinner finished I accompany her to the bathroom. Part of my punishment is assisting her in getting ready for Daddy. Her clothes fall to the floor and I feel that familiar rush of arousal. She is so pretty, it makes me ache. Soft and curvaceous, she beckons me into her ample breasts and full thighs without uttering a single word. I want to touch her, to feel her wetness on my fingers and her nipples in my mouth. No touching though. Daddy explicitly said, no touching. Unless it was to wash her, shave her, apply her makeup or see to any other matters she requested of me.

I wash her hair, and coat it in a conditioner that I know Daddy loves the smell of. I imagine him nuzzling into her hair, his cock hard against her thigh as he breathes her in. I want to touch myself now, to the image of his chiselled body against the contrasting softness of hers.

She hands me the razor and the shaving foam, and I know this is meant to be part of the punishment, but I feel privileged that she would trust me with this job. I have been clean shaven for as long as I can remember, but she keeps a small triangle of pubic hair present at all times, so I shave around it, and resist the urge to run my fingers through it.

As I’m rinsing the conditioner out of her hair, her hands lift to cup my breasts. My eyes widen in shock, Daddy said no touching, not this kind of touching anyway. As if she has read my mind she leans in and whispers in my ear.

‘The rules are that you can’t touch. Not that I can’t touch.’

Excitement and horror fight for attention when I register her meaning. She can play with me, toy with me, get me turned on and ready to come, all before I have to listen in to her and Daddy fucking. Because that’s what they will do, it’s what they always do. Unlike me she doesn’t care to have a D/s dynamic, she likes sex, all the sex. The likes to be fucked, do the fucking, give head, receive head and she likes to do it all with the freedom to make demands and come when she likes.

She does however find it amusing that I am not granted the same freedoms. Which is why she fits in so well when it is time for me to be punished.

I begin to sink into the feeling of her hands on my body, caressing and teasing in equal measure. When her lips gently graze the nape of my neck, I can’t help myself but let out a moan of pleasure. I feel her giggle against my skin, before she pulls away. I open my eyes to see she is looking over at the towels warming on the radiator. I obediently gather them up and wrap them round her, knowing I am not permitted one for myself.

Once she is dry I carefully apply her makeup and when I am finished I help her dress. I slide her knickers, bra and stockings over her gorgeous curves, and all I can think about is Daddy taking them off again.

I accompany her to the bedroom, and I see my bed on the floor. Even though I’m being punished I still get to sit in my bed. It helps me know my place. Good kitten gets to sleep beside Daddy. Bad kitten has to sleep in her own bed, leashed to the special hook Daddy screwed to the wall. I can manoeuvre a little, and I can reach my water bowl and a little bell for emergencies.

I kneel in my bed, while she takes her place on the beautiful four poster bed. She looks like a Queen. She deserves Daddy’s attention. She deserves to have him ravage her, to rip orgasm after orgasm from her body, they fuck with an intensity that verges on violence and it makes her shine afterwards. I will watch as she makes his eyes roll into his head with pleasure, her tongue on his dick, her warm, wet mouth devouring every inch of him.

I’m so lost in thought that I don’t hear Daddy enter the room, his hand fastening my leash into place wakes me from my daydreaming.

He removes his clothes in front of me, and I can see he is already hard with the knowledge of what is to come. He doesn’t remove his underwear, that is something she loves to do, first stroking and and teasing through the fabric. He will moan at her touch, nibbling at her flesh in protest of her ability to seduce him so quickly. She will respond with the same, biting and scratching until he tears at her clothing, taking her roughly and quickly, and their primal dance of beauty against beast will begin.

All too soon he is on the bed, and long, flowing curtains that surround the bed are drawn around them. They are completely hidden from my view, their moans of pleasure and declarations of depravity are all I have to keep me company.

It begins quickly, as I knew it would and my cunt clenches the instant I hear the sounds emanating from behind the curtains. I need to come and I with glee I realise Daddy said no touching, not no coming. With that in mind I close my eyes, and I focus on every expletive uttered, every whimper and groan and the sounds of flesh upon flesh as he pounds into her as if he is trying to break her.

Suddenly she causes Daddy to exclaim in his hungry growl – ‘You really are fucking dirty.’ – and I know he is going to fuck her harder, because that voice means he’s lost in the deepest, most sexual part of himself. In my mind I am with him, I am deep within his desire, my cunt clenches and relaxes, clenches and relaxes and my mind is focused, on him, on her, on the sensations leading my body towards that much needed orgasm.

It’s the sounds of own climax that does it. More of a wail, than a moan. Like a wolf howling at the moon, instinctive and animalistic, it pulls me undone in a way I wouldn’t have thought possible. I’m certain my mouth remained closed though, this can be my little secret, until voices and giggles from behind the curtain suggest otherwise.

‘Naughty kitten.’

I smile, as I realise I may have earned myself another night of punishment.

Inspired by this weeks Wicked Wednesday prompt of ‘Curtains’. Please do follow the link below to see who else in joining in this week.



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9 thoughts on “[Erotica] Naughty Kitten

  1. A thoroughly wonderful, hot and steamy story Floss. It kept me engrossed to the very end. Excellently inspired by the prompt. Reminded me of a time centuries ago when servants slept in truckle beds which rolled out from under the four poster beds of their master and mistress. I wonder if they ever heard or saw anything quite as exciting.

  2. How wonderful to be so sexually attuned, you and your ‘Daddy’ that just his sex noises bring you to orgasm. What a wonderful story Floss.

    1. Lol! I’ve been having lots of feels around voyeurism and not ‘being involved’ but being present, and writing stories like this do help me work through new kinks. However, after this weekends fun where I could not turn my brain from Top mode I think you are spot on. Funnily enough when I told Bakji about this story as I was writing it, he imagined himself as the Kitten and me and another lady on the bed. So yeah, either way I’m on that bed getting sexy 🙂 x

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