[Review] I Have Fallen in Love!

It’s true. I have fallen in love. Truly, madly, deeply in love with my new Doxy.

1526923841678.jpegI wouldn’t normally discuss a product for a Masturbation Monday post. I tend to go for a piece of erotica in the hope that some of you will put your hands in your pants while reading it. Sometimes though we are left with no choice but to mix things up.

Before I start I want to say a big thank you to Amy, whose blog can be found at Coffee and Kink. Recently she shared a tweet that let people know there was 50% off at Lovehoney. I was lying in bed with Bakji when I saw it and my exact words were ‘that can’t be right? 50% of anything and everything, surely not!’ This was in fact the case though.

My maths isn’t great, but even I know that 50% off a Doxy is an AMAZING deal. Like beyond amazing, it’s like a win on the sex lottery. There and then, lying in bed I purchased my very first Doxy and now I would like to share my thoughts on it with you.

The Product

This is the Doxy I bought. Having read reviews by people like Girl on the Net who have1526923914208.jpeg reviewed many Doxy’s I felt like whichever Doxy I picked I’d be happy. I picked the one I did for two reasons the words ‘extra powerful’ combined with the pretty purple colour.

The Review

I got to this bit and thought to myself … ‘hang on, it’s been a whole week since you tried the Doxy out what if you’re remembering wrong.’ Not wanting to misinform you I stopped my writing immediately and went and had another go.

I was remembering right. The Doxy is hands down the best sex toy I have ever had the pleasure of using. It takes my clitoris and vulva from zero to ‘oh my fucking god’ in about 5 seconds, on the lowest setting. On the highest setting I feel like I might die and while that would be tragic it is now my chosen method of leaving this earth.

I don’t normally enjoy wands, they never hit the spot I need them too. I just end up feeling like I’m having an okay massage, which isn’t really what I’m aiming for when I go to solo sexy town. The Doxy however hits the spot I need it to plus about a million other spots I didn’t even know I had.

I honestly never want to leave my house again, I want to spend each and every second of every day fucking myself senseless. Then I want Bakji to turn up so I can pop it against his fun parts too and watch him go out of his mind with how brutal the pleasure is. Because it will be, brutal that is, I am going to use this as a device of torture when it comes to Bakji and it is going to be beautiful.

There is technical stuff, but I just I can’t write about that, I don’t care how and why the Doxy does what it does, all I care about is living a world where Doxy’s exists and sharing the pleasure of it with as many people as possible.

I say all this as a woman who finds masturbation quite boring. I have all the sex toys in an attempt to spice up my solo play and it is a bit fun maybe 1 time out of 10. Since I got the Doxy I am actually excited for future masturbatory sessions and I’m thinking of ways to make it even more fun. The Doxy has made me want to seduce myself! That is praise of the highest order coming from me.

When I do masturbate, the really good orgasms are hard to come by, not anymore though. Doxy orgasms are goddamn delightful. Like once I’ve had one, I’m actually in a position to a) want another and b) actually keeping playing. This leads me to only one possible conclusion … the Doxy is actually made of magic.

I accept that the Doxy might not be for everyone. It’s hard for me to accept, but I do accept it. But, and it’s a big fat sexy but, if you are someone who suspects you might enjoy a Doxy for any reason and you haven’t yet invested in one then you absolutely need to do so soon. It will sound extreme to say it might change your life, however, being able to have satisfying, fun and sexy masturbation sessions is in fact a little bit life changing for me.

As a special treat I would like to leave you with a picture of me and my new love …

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8 thoughts on “[Review] I Have Fallen in Love!

    1. I cant say it any better than the others, and I agree with collardmichael – curious now!

  1. That is one very sexy picture…. and we have two Doxy’s the original and the Doxy 3. I like them both but the 3 is fast becoming my favourite. It is much easier to handle and not quite so brutish as the original

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