[Photography] There Is Pleasure …

There is pleasure
In his pain
In his willingness
To submit
To the whims
Of a Sadist

There is pleasure
In the raw
Of my desire
That shine so brightly
Upon his flesh


For the first time ever my Sinful Sunday image isn’t of me, it is however being shared with consent from the gorgeous Bakji. This is an image from our kinky session earlier on the day, and while it is only a small snap shot of our fun, I absolutely adore it.

I will be perusing all the other Sinful Sunday images tomorrow, but I can already see from the thumbnails that once again it is a wonderfully sexy week. Please do follow the link below the lips and offer your support and encouragement to all the other people taking part.


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9 thoughts on “[Photography] There Is Pleasure …

    1. My needle play needles =D Just the very smallest one, they are not very deep scratches but because the needles are so sharp they have a wonderful effect 🙂 x

  1. Yes, I want to know too what made those beautifully welt with the little droplets of blood. Damn that is sooo sexy

    1. Agreed on the sexiness. I use my smallest gauge needles from my needle play kit. Perhaps not their intended use, but it is very effective in creating something that we both really enjoy:) xx

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