[Photography] His T-Shirt

His T-Shirt

I wonder if you can feel me
As I breathe you in
As your scent emanates
From soft folds of fabric
Lying against my skin

I am wearing nothing
But you

I am feeling everything
Because of you


For you

There are some stunning images for this weeks Sinful Sunday, follow the link below the lips to see who else is getting involved.

14 thoughts on “[Photography] His T-Shirt

  1. I sexy image and beautiful words… I suspect something most of us have done at some point too!

  2. Oh yes. When MIchael and I used to be LDR I would always take one of dirty T-shirts. I would keep it wrapped up in a plastic bad by my bad as I was always worried it would lose the scent and get it out and smell him when I was feeling sad or needed him. When I knew he was coming to visit I would get it out more as I knew it would soon be able to be replaced with a new one

  3. Great image, but the words take it to something super-charged with sex and longing.

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