[Kink] Do Feet Make You Frisky?

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Feet? As a kink, you know what they say ‘your kink is not my kink and that’s okay’. Feet are icky, don’t touch mine. In fact don’t even think about touching them. Touch your feet? Hell no! Feet are not sexy.

-Quote from a very clueless me!

IMG_7947When I started my journey in FemDom it was fairly early on that I noticed a shift when it came to my viewpoint on foot fetishism.  Suddenly I noticed that actually having Bakji kiss my feet would be awesome. FemDom makes me feel like I am the Queen of everything and what Queen doesn’t deserve to have her feet kissed and massaged and generally fawned over at all times.

There are so many ways in which I can use my feet during a scene with Bakji. It is undeniably sexy to tower above him in killer heels while he kneels before me, head lowered as his lips plant kisses on both my shoes and my feet. While this may be the go to image for many people, it actually isn’t my favourite.

One of the things I like to do most is find a position whereby I can lay my bare or hosieryIMG_7951.jpg clad feet upon Bakji’s face, having him kiss them then, when they are forced upon him, not laid before him, is for some reason a far more appealing prospect for me. It also helps that in that position I can also restrict his breathing*. Which is a whole other kink, but another of my favourites. *Disclaimer: always play safe with breath play

Then there’s footjobs. Which quite frankly are delightful. It is so much fun to capture Bakji’s cock between my feet and either put some effort in and generate the pleasure myself, or simple by letting him thrust himself between the soles of my feet. Either way it usually involves me teasing him for being so incredibly turned on by feet, so turned on in fact that he looks like he will come. At this point I inevitably stop, because control and denial of orgasms is also fun.

IMG_7953.jpgI put a lot of myself online, my Instagram is well populated with images of my various body parts. Like many women though this is something I do for myself, and not to encourage the objectifying and often disgusting comments and dicks pics that end up in my DM’s. With feet thought I find the comments I get far more welcome. There is something about the nature of the majority of foot fetishists that makes compliments about my feet quite welcome. Even at events, the people who comment on my feet are usually for more respectful in their approach than people who are just trying to get my attention for their own desires.

For me receiving attention for my feet is very much rooted in enjoying elements of body worship within my D/s scenes, the idea that someone is so committed to serving you and adoring you that they will pay attention to those parts that most people shy away from is incredibly arousing. I also enjoy the fact that Bakji doesn’t identify as a foot Fetishist, so for us there is definitely an element of teasing that accompanies his interest in my feet when we are engaged in a scene together.

Interestingly I can’t quite get my head adjusted to the idea of being the person who givesIMG_7949 the attention to the feet, this is something I very much prefer to be on the receiving end of. The idea of being so lost in my submission that I would worship someone’s feet just makes me raise my eyebrows and think ‘oh hell no’. Which possibly highlights why I tend to refer to myself as a FemDom leaning Switch, as opposed to just being completely Switchy.

Another element of foot Fetishism I do enjoy though is having a reason to really take care of your feet. It is so easy to neglect our feet, even though they do so much work for us on a daily basis. Knowing that someone is going to be kissing them, rubbing them and will be having them wrapped around their genitalia is a huge incentive to keep them soft and looking cute and sexy.

IMG_7952.jpgAlso what a bloody great reason to buy new shoes, socks and hosiery. For anyone who thinks that they don’t wear sexy enough shoes or sheer enough fabric for people to enjoy them, think again. Socks are so popular and lots of foot and shoe fans love a flat shoe too. I recently shared a picture of some sequin converse style shoes, and they were very popular indeed, as are my Rainbow Dash socks.

As with nearly every kink going, there is a level for everyone when it comes to indulging in foot fetishism. I think many people shy away from it thought due to preconceived notions and that long standing feeling that foot Fetishists are weirdos. In fairness yeah some of us are probably completely weird, but it doesn’t detract from how awesome our kinks are.

This was written for Kink of the Week, please do see what other people have to say about feet, and perhaps share your own thoughts too.

Who else is feeling frisky over Feet?

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6 thoughts on “[Kink] Do Feet Make You Frisky?

    1. That is pretty much how Bakji feels, feet in general, not so fussed, my feet, definitely. I always joke (it’s not really a joke, I know it’s actually true :p) that I can get him to be into any body part if I present it to him at the right moment x

  1. Oh I completely agree about looking after your feet and about shoes and socks and stockings etc. I do actually think stocking’d feet are very sexy and there is something about going barefoot in the summer in just a little dress that is also a sexy look

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