[Life] The Life You Want

These questions are from this weeks TMI Tuesday. If you would like to get involved then follow the link in red and you will find all the questions and information on how to get involved.

Who was the first person you ever had a crush on? Why did you like them?

Oooh! I’ll give two answers, my celebrity crush and my real life crush. My first celebrity crush was Kylie Minogue. I just thought she was so pretty and she seemed so sweet and her songs made me so happy. So my little 4 years olds heart just got very gleeful whenever she was on T.V on the radio. I also developed a similar and related crush on Jason Donovan. ‘Especially For You’ still does funny things to my tummy.

When I was 10 I went holiday to Gran Canaria with my parents and spent some time at the resorts kids club. The rep who was assigned to us for our stay was also the designated kids club rep and she was delightful. I remember thinking she was so pretty and she made me smile. I was so sad to leave at the end of the week. But I did go on to have many more crushes, so I think I got over it okay.

What is the most important material possession you have and why?

My phone! I’d be lost without it and I don’t apologise for that. I have no desire to go off grid or be technology free. I bloody love my phone and everything it enables me to do. I get to carry my friends around with me, in my pocket, all day every day. I think that’s amazing.

If you were a cake which cake would you be?

IMG_7130.PNGI would be all the cakes. I love cake. If you ever want to send me a present, send me cake. I do not like carrot cake. Do not send carrot cake. I repeat …  Do. Not. Send. Carrot. Cake. I’m not sure my favourite cake is even a cake. Is Millionaire’s Shortbread a cake? If so I’d be that, because it’s frickin’ delicious.

I asked Bakji this question via whatsapp while I was writing this blog post and he said he’d be whatever cake was my favourite. Then opted for chocolate cake when I declared that I love all the cakes. Thank goodness he didn’t say carrot cake or things might have got quite awkward.

Has anything/anyone ever saved your life before?

I think I’ll have to be boring on this one and say no. The closest I ever came to a near death experience was a firework landing on my head when I was 7. I was terrified and thought I was lucky to be alive but the very nice and charming soldier who administered first aid was very quick to point out that it was just a burning ember of a firework, I wasn’t even close to being blown up. Let’s hope the answer to this question remains the same for a very long time.

If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability, what would it be?

Time travel. 100%. I would love to be able to take Bakji on a time travel adventure. WeIMG_7131.JPG talk about this fairly often and I think it would be so much fun. I’d also go back in time and see Cat Stevens in concert. I realise I could be trying to save the world, but I’m of the mindset that altering history is likely to do more harm than good. So fun and frivolous time travel adventures would be my aim.

Bonus: Do you have a dream you’re pursuing? Tell us about it.

I do. I have a dream to help more people be comfortable with and proud of their kinks and relationship models and many other things that are deemed ‘alternative’ in terms of lifestyle. One of my particular missions is to help more people discover and explore FemDom, without feeling the need to be everything porn seems suggest that means. 

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4 thoughts on “[Life] The Life You Want

  1. I saw Jason Donavan a few years ago staring in “Priscilla Queen of the Desert” – it was fab and he looked really hot wearing women’s lingerie 😉

    1. That’s awesome. My Dad took me to see him in concert when I was about 4/5, but no women’s lingerie in sight then, lol. Shame really as I’m rather into that =D

  2. I’m actually really pleased to see someone else said smartphone too. I was started to feel like I was the only one having a love affair with my phone, lol. As you say though it is so much more than that. 🙂 As for your love of carrot cake, I am very pleased other people enjoy it, I would feel very sad for it if it was the only cake not being devoured and enjoyed :p x

  3. Oooh, Time Travel!! I wish I’d thought of that, since I think of that all the time. I might go back and change my answer!

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