[#SoSS] Sharing Is Caring #4

I wasn’t going to do a #SoSS post this week. With one thing and another I just haven’t had the time to sit and read as many blog posts as I would have liked to. I did however stumble across a tweet from @Mollysdailykiss, which inspired me to take action.

Molly on Twitter: “Please take a moment to read my note in this weeks #sinfulsunday about how I am changing the way I tweet about your posts https://t.co/e3393p1tKc / Twitter”

Please take a moment to read my note in this weeks #sinfulsunday about how I am changing the way I tweet about your posts https://t.co/e3393p1tKc

If you haven’t heard of #sinfulsunday, then now is your chance. Hosted by Molly from Mollysdailykiss, it a chance for people to showcase their sexy and erotic pictures. With the shadowban being placed on more and more of our wonderful community sharing these kinds of memes is becoming even more important.

Join in the #sinfulsunday fun

I’ve had a browse through this weeks images and would like to share a few of them with you. The collection is not closed yet though, so you still have time to get involved and add your link into the mix. I won’t be sharing the images in this blog post, as I would hate to share an image without permission, but you should definitely click on the links provided to see them.

The first image that caught my eye from was Daylia Catt, from a post titled ‘Sinful Sunday. Master whipped by back for some fun.’ As both a Sadist and a masochist her image made me squirm with delight. It is seriously delicious. Granted it won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but oh my goodness it was definitely to mine.

We don’t have to be baring all to be sexy, a point proven in a wonderful manner by Posy churchgate in her image ‘Man! I feel like a woman!’ The combination of crisp white shirt, sexy black shorts, fishnet clad legs, and kickass boots made for a really gorgeous image.

That’s not to say I’m not a fan of more flesh being on show though. There is definitely some skin to delight you in kinkyandperky’s image from his post ‘Feeling my collar’ (post no longer active). Not only do we get a lovely image, but also a little insight into kinkyandperky’s thoughts on his new collar. I love these insights into other peoples dynamics. I am so grateful that people take the time to share.

As regular readers will know I don’t always say nice things about dick pics. Usually because they come unsolicited into my inbox. I have always said though I am not opposed to well crafted picture of a cock. In Malflic’s image ‘Shades of a Circle Jerk’ (post no longer active) we get just that. If you are in possession of a cock and feel like you can take an an erotic shot, then I think we definitely need more sensual and seductive cock shots in the world.

One day I might find my way to get involved in Sinful Sunday myself, but in the meantime I shall just support all the other lovelies that are taking part. If you do decide to take part yourself then I can’t wait to see your images, I know for sure I have some readers who could take delightful pictures to share with us all.

I will leave with an image of my own, that I haven’t submitted for Sinful Sunday, but is definitely a good example of how I like to spend my time. The gorgeous man bod in my ropes is of course Bakji.

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2 thoughts on “[#SoSS] Sharing Is Caring #4

  1. I loved your comments on a selection of the #SinfulSunday pics – very flattered that you singled mine out for praise, thank you. I have made a deal with myself to share more pictures but ones that are subtle rather than overt, so am working on building up a library of a few such images. Your ‘bunny’ looks very delectable. Have fun!

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