[Erotica] Confessions of a Bad Girl

Written and submitted for Wicked Wednesday. Some of the other writings this week are awesome, so do swing by and give them a read.

I’m a bad girl. I can’t help but think that I deserve a damn good spanking, whrainbowcircle1-150ile being told what dirty, voyeuristic pervert I am. Though to be told that I need to confess something to you first. I am a peeping tom, of the auditory variety.

In my defence, the floors are thin. It’s not as if I can stop myself hearing. I suppose I don’t need to turn all my appliances off so I can hear more clearly though. I could also keep my mind occupied with other things instead of imagining her naked, legs spread, cunt dripping as she fucks herself.

The first time her moans drifted down into my apartment I tried to ignore them, to stay focused. I lasted a good fifteen minutes before my fingers were parting my wet lips, as my other hand found my vibrator in what can only be described as a frenzied urge to come.

I could hear her gasping and moaning, the quiet lulls in sound as she held back before building herself up again. I however was nowhere near as controlled, I wanted that throbbing between my legs to give way to something stronger, the need to feel ripples of pleasure flowing through me was overwhelming.

Today I soon forget her once my orgasm has started to build, my memories take me to a place I know intimately. My minds landscape is filled with images of you. Images of your body as your flesh meets mine, your eyes shining as you tease and deny me. The desire for you intensifies, until the need within me lies like a weight upon my chest. I miss you desperately in these moments. I want to burst forth from my own skin with the frustration of needing you so desperately in your absence.

The vibrator thrums against my clit, and my skin is on fire with the pleasure that is beginning to ripple through me. The walls of my cunt begin to flex and clench, a cruel reminder that you are not here filling me and fucking me. My hips move rhythmically though as if they can somehow will you into being.

The room fills with the cacophony of sounds that escape my mouth, as teeth graze lips and I salivate at the thought of your hands against my throat and your deep whispers promising all manner of depraved things that are yet to come. In this moment even my mouth feels empty without you. I want you to fill it, like I want to fill every part of me. Both physically and metaphorically.

I want your fingers and you cock to push into me and probe every corner of my being that you can reach. While your mouth and tongue fill my own with kisses. Kisses that I will devour with feverish need, so that I can dine out on the memories of them on days like today. I want to drink you in until I’m drowning in you. I want you inside of me and surrounding me, and filling all the spaces in between.

Instead of being filled though I’m being emptied, as my orgasm ricochets through me, leaving no part of me untouched as it gushes out of me in a dazzling display of squirting.

I’m lying here thighs wet, in a puddle of my own juices and it is now that I realise she is not alone. The sound of thighs slapping against arse is too familiar to go unnoticed, and my chest tightens once more with thoughts of you. The tingling fires up again, even though my orgasm has barely subsided. The urges are animalistic now, and I won’t be sated until there is flesh beneath nails and teeth marks peppered across our bodies.

I’m counting down the minutes until you are home, and if you manage to restrain me as the wild urges burst forth and ravage you, then maybe I will get the spanking I deserve.

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20 thoughts on “[Erotica] Confessions of a Bad Girl

    1. Thank you 🙂 It’s funny I was wondering if people would enjoy this in the way I hoped, so it’s been a delight to see the kind comments x

    1. It is something new I’m exploring gradually and I think writing about it is part of that. It is definitely proving to be fun so far, in theory and in reality =D

  1. Yes indeed she was a bad girl, but very good at being one! I loved all the passion and yearning & frustration, and (until the bad girl realised her neighbour wasn’t alone) I was hoping miss neighbour would get off on the bad girl’s sound effects too!

  2. Really nice sexual tension between the anonymity of them being sparated by walls, and the extreme intimacy of the expereince. Her hunger for her boyfriend growing out off her fantasies was sexy and playful and the “if you manage to restrain me” in thhe last line is a hot touch.

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