Episode 52 – Sexy Scene Ideas

Kinky scenes for us can be anything from an impromptu handjob to a more elaborate and lengthier session. Either way we always enjoy them and we’ve had a fair bit of scene variety in our time playing together.

When we record FemDom and Fetish Fun, the spin-off podcast we release for our Patrons, we discuss our scenes in quite a lot of detail. Off the back of that we have had a couple of people ask where we get our ideas, and wondering how they can better plan and make the most of their own kinky fun.

We have both approached taking control of a scene as relatively newbies to Topping, and we know it can feel really daunting, so we try to cover how you can take charge of the acre and make it fun without feeling overwhelmed and worried about whether or not it’s fun.

Floss especially took great pleasure in researching a variety of approaches to FemDom to give her a bit more confidence when it came to scene inspiration. Kinky porn was a treasure trove of inspiration and had led to many new discoveries and fab ideas.

As always you can send feedback on this episode to hello@proudtobekinky.com, or through any of our social media platforms. We’re also happy to answer any kink related questions you might have if you feel we can help in any way.

We are also part of the Podcast Jukebox Network along with Off the Cuffs, Drinks with God, Parking Lot Radio and the Will Sean Podcast. You can find us all on most podcast apps and if you listen through your Apple podcast app you can also leave us a lovely review.


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