My Week Their Words #2

For various reasons I won’t bore you with I’ve had a bit of a self care week. So I’ve done less reading than I would normally, and did something that’s very rare these days and actually indulged in watching something on Netflix, which I didn’t envisage would give me much in the way of BDSM conversation, but turned out I was wrong.

My Week in Podcasts

Loving BDSM – Episode 104 Drama in the BDSM Community

Another great episode from Kayla and John. This isn’t the easiest of topics to cover, especially if you’re active in your local community, none of us want to be unnecessarily disparaging about our fellow Kinksters, unless we absolutely have to be.

I don’t think any of us are immune to sometimes being witness to or getting caught up in drama, be it our own or other people’s, but how you deal with it is definitely key to coming out of it in one piece. I think Kayla and John have a really good approach to it.

ShutTheWoofUp – Episodes 1 – 4

New find alert. A friend of mine suggested this podcast to me knowing that we are always keen to listen to other podcasts and also connect with those that are similar to us. This particular podcast focuses on Puppy Play, and while I’m not active in that scene, I am definitely Pup curious and I have really enjoyed learning a little more about it.

The host Volka brings a great energy to the show, and a variety of guests bring alternative information and views to the table. Funny and informative, I think this is a great introduction to those of us who are looking to learn a little bit more about something that definitely crops up within the BDSM community, but maybe doesn’t flourish as much as it does within it’s own community.

Adam Buxton – Kathy Burke Episode

Myself and Bakji always get pretty excited when we see there’s a new Adam Buxton episode out, the excitement levels rise and fall for me depending on the guest. When Bakji told me it was Kathy Burke again I was very much looking forward to listening.

This is the second time Kathy Burke has been on the show, and both times have been funny and interesting. Her stories about her career and her life are fascinating, and some of the people she has encountered in her time make for even more colourful stories. If you still haven’t listened to this podcast, the Kathy Burke episodes are great ones to start with.

My Week in Netflix

The Sinner

I will try not to include spoilers, but if you plan on watching this my views might colour your approach to this show, and it is worth watching, so read at your own peril.

The tagline of this show is ‘Everyone knows she did it. No one knows why.’ A young woman murders a man and no one has any idea why she did it, including herself. Luckily we have a detective who has a nose for mystery and he sets out to discover the truth.

First of all, I thoroughly enjoyed this. I love a good crime and murder drama and the story and eventual outcome of this one was brilliant. I was 100% certain I had the ending figured out, but I was wrong, I wasn’t even close!

However, there was a little bit of something that did make me groan in a weary, ‘not again’ kind of way. Its portrayal of BDSM. It wasn’t all bad, the Dominant lady in question wasn’t the usual stereotype, she showed signs of caring for his well-being outside of their Kink dynamic and there was an element of aftercare in terms of physical comfort and affection.

That said though, we still had to go down the route of the submissive gent in question being unfaithful to his wife and as we learn towards the end of the show, has had a troubled life, probably childhood. He talks about ‘how we deal with the things that happen to us’, it feels like the next series will be us discovering his abusive background and how that led him to be a deviant pervert. Just once in awhile it would be nice for media outlets to acknowledge that some of us are deviant perverts for no reason at all.

There was potentially a hint of non-monogamy, though unlikely to be the ethical kind, in terms of the main character’s past with her ex, I missed that though, until a friend highlighted it, I just thought he was a douche-bag manipulating young women who knew no better to do as he pleased. Other people will draw their own conclusions I’m sure.

Even with the dubious inclusion of BDSM I still very much enjoyed this, if anyone else has seen it, I’d absolutely love to hear what you thought about it.


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