Episode 48 – Bisexuality

Bisexuality is our topic for today, inspired by the recent bi-visibility week and ally week, Floss asked Bakji if she could hijack an episode to discuss being bisexual. This is a bit of a one sided episode as Bakji as a straight man doesn’t have his own experience of being bisexual. He is however a great ally and was happy for Floss to get on her soapbox for episode to air her views.

Floss gives her own definition of being bisexual, which is definitely at odds with the dictionary definition. As we say in the episode though, we think it’s really important not to invalidate someone else’s identity and experience by saying their bisexuality isn’t the same as yours and therefore it doesn’t count. We also briefly reflect on comparisons and difference between pansexuality and bisexuality. Again the dictionary definition seems to greatly differ from what people in the LGBTQIA+ community are saying, so Floss gives her best attempt at explaining each based on definitions she has been given by people who identify in those ways, with us all being different though these means there isn’t always a one fits all explanation.

Bisexual erasure is one of the reasons we decided to this episode. Bisexual people are often ignored, removed, re-explained and falsified, both in the media and within everyday society. This is why many bisexual people have experienced the feeling that their sexuality isn’t valid or ‘real’. The continued perpetuating of bisexual erasure means that many of us have experienced and continue to experience being subjected to comments surrounding the various myths of being bisexual.

From the myth that we don’t exist, to tales of promiscuity and lack of commitment. The bisexual myths are rife. As we recorded, and when we have discussed this in the past, Bakji has often explained ‘no-one has ever really said that?’ The fact of the matter is that nearly every bisexual person I’ve ever spoken to has had the majority of bisexual myths aimed in their direction. Which make the comment of ‘your just doing it for attention’ hilarious, because the attention we get as an openly bisexual person is usually negative.

That said however, this episode is predominantly about Floss’ experience, so your bisexual journey will look different, and we are definitely not saying one size fits all. If you have a different experience that you would like to share with us then please do get in touch. As always you can contact us on hello@proudtobekinky.com. You can also reach out via Instagram, Twitter, Fetlife and Facebook.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 48 – Bisexuality”

  1. I found out, years ago, that bisexuality is ONLY accepted if the person claiming to be bisexual will accept sexual advances from ALL advancers. In other words, in swinging, if I turned down a woman for any reason (but mostly because I wasn’t attracted to her) it was immediately said that I wasn’t a REAL bisexual. After speaking to a few bisexual men, I discovered the same thing was true for them. We all had been the receiver of some very nasty comments when we wouldn’t (pardon the crudeness) spread our legs for anyone of the same sex who wanted us to. This is a huge irritant for me, because I embraced the swinging lifestyle for my pleasure, not to find myself cornered by people for whom I felt no attraction. I also didn’t get involved in swinging to have my sexuality defined by someone other than myself. Sadly, I suspect this is true in all lifestyles. I love the freedom my bisexuality gave me within the swinging community. It allowed me to “play” in different ways while still maintaining my relationship with my husband, and while he was also enjoying himself. The only other way for me to explore my bisexuality would have been to choose an alternative partner to play with in private, and that was never a choice for me.

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