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My Week Their Words

New feature alert! Yep that’s right, I’ve decided on a weekly blog post to delight you all with my thoughts on all the delightful things I’ve listened to or read on a weekly basis. It won’t all be kinky, in fact lots of it won’t be kinky, but hopefully it will all be fun and and/or interesting. I might even start a new hashtag for the old Twitter #myweektheirwords, so feel free to join in. 

This week has been a bit quieter than normal in terms of podcast and blog consumption. I’ve been trying to get back to normal after being on holiday, getting life back on track has been tricky, that combined with a laptop that wasn’t working, means my usual ability to peruse the internet for goodies has been hindered.

My Week in Podcasts

Off the Cuffs: a kink and BDSM podcast – Episodes 79 & 80

Now I realise this might reek of nepotism, seeing as Off the Cuffs are part of our little podcast network, Podcast Jukebox, however there is a reason I am long time listener and fan of theirs. They’re episodes are funny and interesting.

This week I’m catching up, so I listened to two episodes, one featuring the Two Knotty Boys,and another titled Murder Death Kill. I won’t lie, I loved the second of those episode more than the first. I love rope and tying, and the Two Knotty Boys are really interesting guys, however they were outdone in my opinion my listening to Dick Wound and his guest Bunny flirt over a mutual Death Fetish.

There are two things I’m always fascinated by when listening to Off the Cuffs, Dick’s Death Fetish and Dick’s Armpit Fetish. So hearing more about either of these is super fun for me.

Loving BDSM – Episode 106 – When a Dominant Says No

Another firm favourite of mine. Despite the fact that Kayla and John haven’t a very different dynamic to myself and Bakji I love hearing their take on all things D/s. I have 3 episodes of Loving BDSM to catch up, but must admit I skipped straight to the latest one, because while i love the personal side to people’s dynamics, it’s their opinions on D/s I’m really into.

Bakji and I don’t really have the type of dynamic where being told no is technically a thing, once in awhile though Bakji will use his stern voice on me and I know that whatever he is saying is for my own benefit and I really need to follow his instruction. That doesn’t always make it easy to hear though. I’m stubborn and have an inflated idea of how independent I need to be, so sometimes I just don’t want to give in to someone else being right about my well-being

Which means this episode was really good for me, a nice reminder that I can’t always be right and that sometimes I should let Bakji look after me and tell me what is best for me.

Adam Buxton – Miranda Shaw and Simon Amstell Episodes.

The Adam Buxton podcast was one of the first podcasts I ever listened to, and I’ve been listening ever since with great enthusiasm. I’ve still got another episode to catch up on, and I must admit it’s been a delight having a little backlog of them to listen to.

I loved the Simon Amstell episode, it honestly gave me a few laugh out loud moments, which always make me love a podcast more. I mostly listen to Adam Buxton’s podcast for the funny, but usually his guests are really interesting too.

If you haven’t listened to his show yet, then go and do so now. He’s had loads of other comedians on, interesting musical guests and all sorts of other fascinating people.

My Week in Books

Confession time, at the ripe old age of 32, I have randomly become obsessed with Stephen King. This started when I read On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft and was solidified when I read 11.22.63, both of which were brilliant, with 11.22.63 easily being one of my top 10 favourite books of all time. So with those under my belt, I set about delving into more of his books, thankfully he’s written loads and I’ve read very few, so it should be a long and fascinating journey.

Stephen King and Owen King – Sleeping Beauties

I listened to this via the medium of audio book, as I do with a lot of titles and I loved every minute of it. Have you ever wondered what would happen if all the women of the world fell asleep? Well Stephen King’s son did, and it led to this co-written novel.

I loved everything about this book, from the characters, to the writing style and the development of the story. I didn’t particularly want to stop listening until it was completely finished, however I have a very vivid imagination and it proved unsuitable for my bedtime listening. While I suspect it isn’t as horror genre, as many of his other titles, it definitely has some moments of being a little freaky.

I think the ended is mildly predictable, but I think it needed to be, I think the unpredictable ending would make the whole book spiral out of control. Also I think the this is a tale that lends itself well to be about the journey, not about the destination. There’s a lot of gender politics woven into it, it also resonates well with the climate of world politics at the moment. Which isn’t my thing as such, but there are some things you can’t fail to notice.

Overall it was well worth the time I invested into listening to it.

Stephen King – The Drawing of the Three

The Drawing of the Three is the second instalment of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, The first in the series being The Gunslinger, now a major motion picture. Not that I’ve seen it, but thought I’d mention it anyway. I’d been back and forth over whether or not to start reading this series, due to the feedback being extremely varied. Eventually though with my new library card at the ready I decided to take the plunge, I’m even reading these ones with my eyes instead of ears.

The Gunslinger was much better than I anticipated, nowhere near as slow as people had claimed. By the time I’d finished reading I was definitely hooked and ready to move onto The Drawing of the Three. I was however mildly surprised at how normal The Gunslinger was, not nearly a freaky as I’d imagined Stephen King’s novels to be. How foolish of me, we definitely get freaky and weird in book two. I’m halfway through, and thoroughly intrigued to see where things are going.

One of the criticisms of this series is that it’s long winded, and the pace isn’t fast enough, and I can see that, but it’s rich in it’s descriptions and the writing is really wonderful. I read the Foreword that Stephen King has added to it in recent years and that was delightfully insightful and has made the books even more interesting to me.

As I say I’m only halfway through this second book, so I will let you know more about it once I have finished.

My Week in Blogs

Aurora Glory Blog – Agalmatophilia – Doll, Mannequin or Statue Fetish

Like I said earlier, I really haven’t done much in the way of blog reading this week. There will be more next week I promise. However, I did click on this link when I saw it on Twitter, because it combines a previous podcast guest and the interests of a guest who is on a future episode.

In Episode 51 of #ProudToBeKinky we spoke to Aurora Glory, who has an excellent blog, she reviews sex toys, talks about her own sexual interests and sexuality and also writes about kinks and fetishes she does not engage but has research the for the purposes of her blog. Which I have to say is something I really admire, because I am not brave enough to talk about things I don’t have a personal approach to.

The recent ‘Fetish’ Aurora has discussed is Agalmatophilia, which is an interest in dolls, mannequins and/or statues. This is something I have been thinking about a lot recently, due to preparations for having DaveCat on the podcast, who is married to a synthetic woman and has two other synthetic partners as part of his everyday life. It was a fascinating discussion and it really opened my eyes to a relationship model that I limited knowledge on.

I think Aurora also gave a really balanced and informative level of information on something that is largely misunderstood and chucked immediately into the ‘freaky’ pile. It gives me hope that with more of us discussing less common fetishes and relationship models, that more people will be open to exploring their own interests and might find something that they never knew would make them happy.

Submissive Heart by Pixie Heart – Saturday Night Fess-Up/ Punishment

This one snuck in right at the last minute, but I read it just in time to include in this week’s round-up of things I’ve read. PixieHeart is a podcast listener, Twitter friend and I really enjoy reading her blog.

Her recent blog post was a commission of a fashion by her Dominant, due to some rules breaks she has committed. It takes note of those rule breaks and the punishments accrued as a result of them. I know it doesn’t sound like the cheeriest of posts, but I’m including it for various reasons.

First off it’s easier for us all to focus on our good points and the things we did well. It is so hard to admit our mistakes, I think doing so is really brave and can only help you grow as a person. Second of all it highlights how hard it must sometimes be to be a Dominant. Not only do you have to acknowledge someone’s mistakes, but you have to do so in a way that will help them improve, while still showing kindness, love and support. It doesn’t exactly seem like the easiest of tasks to me and some D-types definitely do it better than others.

When we as a community talk about D/s it can often be the sexy side we focus on, the protocol of a kinky scene, the joy of wearing your Dominant’s collar or the wonderful and passionate ways we can express our submission or Dominance. For people who live a 24/7 or high protocol D/s dynamic there’s a lot of hard work and tough times that are often spoken about less. But their presence in those D/s dynamic is vital and I always really enjoy reading about how people navigate these aspects of their D/s.

I’m really grateful to people like Pixie who are willing to share their downs, as well as their ups, and I am rooting for her in terms of completing her punishments, mostly because they are geared towards better self care and self love (in the well being sense, not in the masturbatory sense you pervs) and I am a huge advocate of us all doing those things for ourselves.

That’s it for this week, my first weekly round-up of auditory and literary delights is done. Please feel free to wade in and offer your thoughts on any of the above items, or to let me know what you’re listening to and reading. I’m always on the lookout for new things to keep me occupied.

Have a wonderful week folks.

7 thoughts on “My Week Their Words

  1. Nice to know there are other Stephen King fans out there. I stopped reading him upon reading From a Buick Eight years ago because I was SO disappointed in his lack of research into the geographic area he wrote about. I had been born and grown up in that area and was appalled when I realized that whomever he listened to for research was exaggerating about some of our oddities. Now, after watching 11-22-63, I’m going to read it, because in all things, there is no one on earth who can make a movie as good as Stephen King’s books. I may come back and comment on the kink later, but for now, I’m swamped with housework.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks for reading & commenting 🙂 I guess when you write as much as he does it’s easy to miss the mark for some people along the way. I hope you enjoy 11.22.63 if you do get round to reading it. Hope the housework went well :p Floss


  2. Pingback: Floss does life!

  3. Thank you so much for including my post in this! I’m really looking forward to your podcast with Davecat. Especially in regards to the marriage as this never came up with anyone when I was researching the post. I spent a lot of time researching but I know I barely scratched the surface of what the fetish is really like.
    Aurora x

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re most welcome, talking to DaveCat has totally shifted my view on this kind of thing, so I’m really hoping it does the same for other people too. Hope you enjoy the episode once it’s out 🙂 Floss x


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