Episode 47 – Switching

Switching is the topic of this episode. When we are on our travels to events and meeting new friends people are often full of questions regarding our Switch dynamic. We were so excited a while back that this could be a great episode that we eagerly sat down to record it, only to discover it was not good. So this is our second attempt, inspired by a comment from one of our Patrons.

We start right from the beginning and cover what switching is, and how we both came to identify as a switch. We also discuss whether or not switches even exist! Which is unfortunately an ongoing conversation amongst some people. Spoiler alert … We absolutely do exist.

One of the other question we asked a lot is how we manage our switch dynamic and find the balance for us both getting our fix on either side of the slash. For us it’s probably less about balance and more about communicating what we are currently in the mood for. Which means there often isn’t much of a balance at all, but our approach is that if we are both happy and enjoying ourselves that is more important than an equal 50/50 split of activities.

While we are both switches we came to that realisation at very different points of our kink journeys, so we talk about what switching is for us personally and how we perceive that role in our own personal way and what it is we enjoy about switching.

It would be almost impossible to talk about switching without addressing some of the myths about switches, and some of the reasons it might have a slight stigma attached to it. This also includes why some people might run into problems when playing with another switch. Even though we think it is crazy awesome, we do understand some of the issues people might face.

As always if you have any feedback on this episode or any others, you can get in touch via hello@proudtobekinky.com, or via any of our social media platforms; Instagram, Twitter, Fetlife and Facebook. We love all your comments and continuing our episode conversations with you once we’ve released them out into the world.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 47 – Switching”

    1. Aw bless you! Life got a bit manic, plus I went on holiday with my Dad and my Son for a week and a half, so no kink and not much time for writing. I’m back now though and have lots of new blog post ideas, so hopefully some new things coming soon =D

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