[Erotica] Borrowing his Toy

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I walked into the guest bedroom, to deliver fresh towels for her shower and the view I was confronted with stopped me in my paces. Lying on the bed, already undressed, her back her bum, her long shapely legs all there for me to see and enjoy. My cunt twitched and my imagination started to kick in. Oh, the things I could do to her, the things I had done to her, but not now, she wasn’t here for me. She was here for him, and I had promised myself I would not interfere.

As I made my presence known, she sat up and spun around to face me. Her nakedness was of no issue to her, legs relaxed, casually displaying what I saw to be a wet and ready cunt. Why? Why did she have to look so bloody enticing? The sparkle in her eyes didn’t help much either, she always looked so playful and eager. Even when we were doing mundane things like eating dinner or taking a walk. She was like a playful, lovable puppy, and about as hard to resist as one too.

I placed the towels on the bed and made my intentions to get on with some chores clear. She has, however, perfected the art of puppy dog eyes, and that look accompanied with the disappointment in her voice when she said she thought I’d be keeping her company while she bathed, meant I really didn’t know how to turn her down. My steely FemDom exterior didn’t always hold up so well around her, she appealed to my softer side in so many ways. I wanted to wash her back and brush her hair, then pull her hair and fuck her into a big puddle, so that we would have to do the washing and the brushing all over again. This was not the plan though. Not the plan at all.

I accompanied her into the bathroom, and we ran her a bath, we chatted as good friends do, and we reminisced over her last visit and that is where my resolve began to wane. She asked if I’d be joining them at all this weekend, and looked slightly crestfallen when I explained I had lots of work to attend to. I thought he’d explained the new approach to her, but I was left wondering if it hadn’t yet come up. So I explained in a small amount of detail some of what I had discussed with him, and while she still seemed mildly disappointed we wouldn’t be playing together, she did seem very excited about the plans she had with the boy.

Once she was feeling thoroughly clean and the second set of bubbles had faded away, she climbed out of the bath and I wrapped her in a warm towel. I hugged her close to me instinctively and as I did so my lips brushed against her cheek, and as if that was all the invitation she needed her lips found mine and in the eagerness to hold her face in my hands, her towel fell to the floor.

In a rush of desire fuelled by her naked body so close to mine, any thoughts of not playing with her were gone, she was so soft and inviting, her body wrapping against mine as we fell onto the bed. One hand finding the warm wetness of her, as the other moved across the curves of her body, cupping and squeezing, scratching and pinching. She moved beneath me like she had been starving for sexual affection, I felt a glimmer of guilt that I’d stolen that reaction from him but knew I could make it up to him.

My lips brushed against her ear, and I felt her shiver, knowing full well the sensation had sent tingles through her body. I began to whisper, as my fingers ceased their movement but remained inside her. I spoke to her of him, of how ready he’d be to fuck her, how hungry he’d be to take in every inch of her, to move his mouth across her body, to kiss and lick and devour. She moaned at my words, her body starting to move to its own rhythm, trying desperately to entice my fingers into playing again. I wanted more from her though, I was happy to make her come, but I wanted her orgasm to belong to him.

I asked if she understood exactly what was coming this weekend, and her hesitation told me she did not. I told her how he’d been caged ever since her last visit, locked away and teased mercilessly the entire time, he was my beautiful, obedient slave, but he always enjoyed being Dominant with her and was keen to show her more of this. She gasped as I expressed his desires to take charge of her, to have her in every way he could, low moans betraying how eager she was to come.

She told me I was mean when I said I’d be caging him again the minute she left, and my response that she had better be as nice to him as possible then just seemed to arouse her more, I could feel her cunt twitching and dripping against my fingers, I knew how badly she wanted to please him and service him, she wanted both be of use and to be used. Her enthusiasm for him was making my own arousal soar, and it was become hard not to think of fucking him myself.

I kissed her hungrily, unsure as to whose desire I was trying to feed, hers or my own. Her hands tentatively made moves to remove my clothing, as I began to assist she took this, rightly, as consent to proceed. Her hands and mouth explored my body desperately, bringing her close to orgasm but not allowing her to climax had caused a sexual frenzy. Her mouth found my nipples, and unable to resist the pleasure this caused in me I fell into the sensations she was creating within me.

Her fingers found me, wet and eager, her manners and natural desire to be submissive never leaving her though, I heard a soft voice ask ‘please may I’ as she waited for permission to proceed, permission she was most definitely granted. Her lips had not moved from my nipples, alternating between the two, as she sucked and fucked me into orgasmic oblivion. Thoughts of him, and her still floating in my mind as she did so, making me wetter, hotter and crazed with arousal.

I lost track of how many times I came, her fingers were relentless, her mouth similarly so, but finally moving from my nipples to my mouth as her fingers withdrew from me. She had thoroughly earned the ‘good girl’ that fell from my lips, along with a playful yet firm smack on the bum. The next words from her lips were new though, ‘I hope I’m a good girl for Daddy too’. It was definitely a new term of endearment, but I found myself smiling at how well it suited their blossoming dynamic.

For reasons unknown, because it was fairly far removed from our own dynamic, which had for a long while been 24/7, Mistress & slave, but never the less, whatever the reason, I wanted to hear her call him Daddy again. Disappearing briefly to retrieve the vibrator I knew she was partial too, I returned to find her wide-eyed and hopeful looking. Grateful for the speed and ease of under bed restraints, I tied her to the bed and set the vibrator to slow and torturous. I knew her responses well enough to know she would be begging to come quite soon.

I was not disappointed, she began to buck against the vibrator as if that would somehow magically make her come. She pulled against her restraints, her head turning from side to side, biting her lip, moaning, swearing, so close, so very close to orgasm, but knowing it was completely out of her control to obtain it. Eventually, it all became too much, and a soft, low ‘please’ was uttered. She must have known that would not be enough, begging must be clear and desperate before it is satisfying enough for me to concede.

As if it had always been the natural way I found myself telling her to practice begging Daddy, to imagine it was his hard, thick cock resting against her clit and not the vibrator, that she was begging to be fucked, begging to be used, begging to get lost beneath him as fucks her until she comes, her cunt twitching and clenching around his cock, a cock that we both knew she desperate for.

‘Beg for it. Beg for Daddy’s cock like a good girl’, and she did. With a desperate frustration that turned me on so much I rubbed my own clit to orgasm, as I raised the power on the vibrator causing her to tumble into her own crashing waves of orgasm, as the words ‘Please Daddy’ continued to fall from her lips, over and over like a mantra, becoming more incoherent with every utterance, as if she no longer knew she was speaking them.

As I untied her and brushed her hair from her face, she wriggled under the covers and closed her eyes. She was so sexy and so goddamn hot, but she was also adorable and little in so many ways, it was the little and adorable that caused me to kiss her forehead, as I told her Daddy would definitely think she was a good girl. She smiled sleepily, because falling into a slumber that she was definitely going to need. 

17 thoughts on “[Erotica] Borrowing his Toy

    1. I’m writing out my caged male fantasies as we have had a failed cage attempt here! So until that becomes a reality I am very pleased my erotica can be a substitute, lol 🙂

        1. It’s a very short tale! We are having trouble finding one that fits. We need to find the range for extra girth. I mean I’m not complaining, but I do really want to try chastity, so if ends being a custom cage then so be it! :p

    1. So glad you enjoyed it =D I am so grateful to #masturbationmonday for reigniting my joy of writing eortica again. It’s been so much fun x

  1. This is the first time I’ve read your work and I’m glad I did. I was getting very twitchy reading it, thanks. I look forward to more.

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