Episode 46 – Internal Conflicts of Kink

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Bakji and Floss return without a guest this weeks to discuss the internal conflicts some of our kinks might cause us to have. Inspired by a post Floss saw on Reddit, where the poster wanted to be submissive and also humiliated and degraded yet felt this was at odds with her feminist views.

We decided that this was a great topic of discussion because there are many kinks that often highlight this issue, in some way shape or form. Probably a lot more than we could cover in one short episode. So many of our views on our kinks seem to be shaped by the environment we grew up, and how previous partners have reacted, so what seems like a perfectly acceptable kink to one person, might cause all kinds of conflicts in another.

As well as discussing some of the kinks that most often seem to crop up in this line of thought, we also talk about whether these feelings are part of the reason some of us take our time to find our way to the kink community.

While we have both had a fair while to adjust to our own kinks and on the whole feel very comfortable and excited by them, however we have to make our own adjustments when it comes to exploring new kinks and also in enjoying long-standing kinks a little less, so we talk about those a little too and how we’ve approached those situations personally.

This topic of conversation also bring us round to the subject of how we think our kinks developes. While it could probably be a whole episode in and of itself we do discuss it a little bit. Both Bakji and Floss are now playing with similar kinks, how long we have been kinky and how we discovered them are very different journeys.

We have had lots of lovely messages the past couple of weeks, please keep them coming if you have anything you’d like to share with us. Whether is comments on the show, questions or advice on kink or a topic you’d like us to cover. You can get in touch with us on any of the following platforms:

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3 thoughts on “Episode 46 – Internal Conflicts of Kink”

  1. My biggest, and most important kink, is the one that is least accepted by any alternative lifestyle. I am female and I’m a voyeur. I was surprised at how few people believed me when I would say it out loud and how many didn’t WANT me to be a voyeur. Especially men.

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    1. Oh blimey, I know quite a few voyeurs and have never come across that opinion of it before, that really sucks! I only recently realised that I have a little bit of a voyeur in me, and it was a lot of fun to enjoy. So I can see why it is a kink for you. I hope you do find ways to enjoy it, without daft people casting their judgements on for doing so Floss x


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