Coming Out – The Sexuality Version

Reblogging this seeing as it’s #bisexualawarenessweek.


So I have previously written about my kinky coming out, and it has been so well received, I thought that I would write a little something about the sexuality side of things too.

In July 1987 Scott and Charlene got married on neighbours, bare with me, I promise that is relevant. To anyone who can remember that far back, and I’m sureimg_0778 some of my blog readers are too young or too cool to remember, it was a storyline that captured viewers hearts, and put Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan into the public eye. By the time I was 4 their music careers were well under way and they released ‘Especially For You’ and I could have wet myself with happiness, because I was absolutely enamoured with both of them. In equal measure for the same reasons. I assumed in my youthful innocence that because it was how I…

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