Consent / Messages from the Minds of Morons!

You’d Really Appreciate My Help? Ooh Lucky Me!

Another installment of messages that drive me nuts. Before I go on I am not buying into the ‘this is just men being men’ approach to things. I know lots of men and most of them are able to read a profile, digest what they’ve read and proceed accordingly. All of the are also aware that sending an unsolicited dick pic will not get them anywhere. The argument that men are visual creatures and therefore just following their natural inclinations is bollocks. It is possible to know that you enjoy visual stimulation but be aware of how other will perceive things.

My profile information on a BDSM social networking site reads as follows:

Switch. Currently in a Relationship. Not seeking any other play partners.

I do however like new friends, especially ladies who have similar interests to me.

Blogger on

Podcast Host on

It kept short for a reason, there’s not really too much more I want to divulge at this time. Also if people are more curious about the blog and the podcast are really awesome ways to find out loads about me. The links to both are also provided on this particular site right below that profile information.

If you read that and really wanted to start a conversation with me it would be really easy. Head to the blog, have a little read and get in touch. Make a point of saying you’d taken the time to learn about me. I’m not talking stalker territory, but just enough to show me you’re interested in me as a person and not just as someone with eyes that can be violated by your dick pic.

You could even random message me and ask me how I find being a Switch. Or if you have a particular kink interest you could send a nice message asking me if I’ve ever engaged in it and do I have any good information on it. There are so any ways to start polite and possibly interesting conversation with me. Or you could send a message like the one that follows and have me hit the block button.


I read your profile and i know your into having a woman preferably! But i have this(pic below) to deal with! I was wondering if you might be into having a little naughty erotic fun with me online to help me out? Id really appreciate your help!

This message was then followed by a very explicit picture of this mans dick. First things first I didn’t want to see his dick. That aside though his message showed he didn’t really understand my profile.

I said ‘Currently in a relationship. Not looking for any other play partner.’ That includes ‘naughty erotic fun’. I class that as play funnily enough, even when it’s online. Also the addition of ‘to help me out’ did him no favours. Why, oh why, on God’s green earth would I do something to help out someone sexually where I get nothing out of it? Maybe I’m selfish but when I play with someone I want to be getting something out of it.

He states that he read my profile, but reading and actually understanding are two different things clearly. Apparently I’m ‘into having a woman’. Now don’t get me wrong, I very much enjoy sexual adventures with ladies. But if a random woman sent me this same message with a picture of her genitals attached my reaction would be exactly the same. My profile actually said ‘…

My interests are linked below the bio, so it’s easy to see what this refers to. It wasn’t a veiled way of stating I’m looking for female play partners. If I wanted that I’d say so. Is it really that difficult to understand that with my top interest listed as FemDom (as it is there) that I might be looking for other women to discuss this with?

Then there was ‘the picture’ which was honestly a little bit obscene and not because I’m a woman and prefer mental stimulation to visual. I actually love visual stimulation, I enjoy porn and I really enjoy getting to ogle people I am attracted to. This includes dicks. In fact this week I was sent a consented to picture of a dick in chastity and I enjoyed that very much, and it wasn’t from my partner and it’s not a dick I’m involved with. So women can enjoy the visual of a dick pic, but and it’s a huge but, most of us don’t want to be bombarded with them without knowing it’s about to appear.

It also doesn’t matter how big or small it is. You can impress me with your giant appendage, or make me feel so sorry for you I’ll reply because you have a micro-penis. I honestly can say, hand on heart, I don’t give a single solitary fuck about how big or small a strangers dick is.

I don’t want you to think I’m slagging off all dicks though, some are awesome and I very much enjoy reading about the adventures some of them go on in various blogs I frequent. Once again the crucial difference being I consent to checking out those blogs and images. I am being a pervert of my own free will. I do not with to have other people’s perversions pushed on me though. I didn’t think much of the flasher who used to reveal himself to schoolgirls as we walked home from school, and I think dick pics are pretty much the modern day equivalent of that. It’s not cool dudes and it will not make you any friends.

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