Episode 36: From Cosplay to Kink with Kitten Treasure Etsy Store

Kitten Treasures are our guests this week. Also known as Sky and Ben. They run an Etsy store providing ears, tails, gloves and collars for all our kinky or cosplay needs. Skye and Ben started Kitten Treasures many years before they joined the kink community, so we thought it would be interesting to ask them if they knew their business had kinky connotations to it, and whether they’d had been getting kinky long before they joined the community.

Once again we talk furries and fursonas, and Floss manages to monopolize the conversations with her dreams of having her fox fursona come to life one day. If we have any furry fans listening then please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

We discuss the customer care element of the business they run, and we are here to let everyone know that if you want dirty words engraved on your collar tag then that is more than okay. No need to be embarrassed, or concerned, Kitten Treasures have got it covered. Bakji wants his to read ‘Floss is Sexy’, so I think I need to get on that right away.

While we actually know Ben and Sky from our local scene, we still ask them about their romantic and kinky relationship. Starting from when they first met 9 years ago, to the present day where they are exploring both kink and non-monogamy. We also talk about how their dynamic has evolved over time and there is much support and love for a bit of brattiness.

On #ProudToBeKinky we talk about the kink community a lot, and we do feel that for many kinksters it is a great place to meet like minded folk. We do realise though that many people are quite happy being kinky at home and feel no need to be able to discuss this with other people who aren’t their partners. This topic comes up with Ben and Skye, as they talk about not realising there was a community to get involved with. Listen in to see whether or not they are pleased they found it.

Shibari gets another mention too, Ben and Sky found the scene through the very same rope group as Floss. We attempt to get to the bottom of other new things they might like to try but it ends up being the Floss show as she talks about watersports, serial killers and vampires. So all the usual stuff.

Talking of the usual stuff, remember you can email us on hello@proudtobekinky.com with any thoughts and questions about this episode or any previous episodes. We have had some wonderful messages lately and they are an absolute joy to read.

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