Quickies, Not Just For Sex!

Myself and Bakji have started a spin-off podcast called ‘FemDom and Fetish Fun’ initially the plan was to release it to the general public, but after some feedback from our kind Patrons on Patreon we have decided it would be the perfect thing to offer then for their support. They are shorter than our normal episodes of #ProudToBeKinky, coming in at anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes, and they detail the kind of kinky shenanigans we get up to. The first one will be available on iTunes for a couple more weeks, as it takes time to get these things taken down.

In the latest episode we recorded for ‘FemDom and Fetish Fun’, which will be released to our Patrons at the end of this week, we touched upon something that I felt I wanted to share with you lovely readers.

The last couple of weeks have been chaotic here, podcasting has very much taken precedence, and our kinky sessions were severely neglected. Which is ironic considering that interest is what lies behind the decision to start a podcast. We also had some late nights due to events, which always leaves us feeling pretty worn out. Add to that parenting duties and day jobs, and we were left saying ‘there just wasn’t enough time for kink.’


I am a little bit cross with myself for falling prey to this belief though. There absolutely was time. What it needed though was for one of us to make time, and I’m not talking hours and hours of exploring every kink we’ve got. I’m talking minutes of time to reconnect in a kinky way, and not let the gap between sessions become so big.

A few weeks back we were doing the artwork for ‘F&FF’, which as it happens is a picture of my Latex and fishnet clad bum, with Latex gloved hands in the shot too. While I was not dressed for a kinky session, Bakji still ended up with his pants down, as he was subjected to a handjob. That whole exchange did not last more than 15 minutes. No restraints, no toys, no planning. It was still fun and kinky though. It’s moments like this I plan on making more use of.


I speak to a lot of people about what constitutes a scene for them, and yes a lot of the time many of us enjoy planning something more in depth, and it’s often fun to include quite a few components. Sometimes though time and life does not allow for the elaborate and extended sessions. So what do we do when that is the case? Unfortunately it seems like many of us revert to ‘there just wasn’t time’ and do nothing.

In my own life though I am proposing a change. I’ve decided that if Bakji has got 10 minutes to spare to tell me a funny story from his school days, then he’s also got 10 minutes to get kinked up. Even if all that involves is sitting on his face and telling him what I’m going to do to him when we have more time.

I appreciate that the above plan may not work for everyone, but have you got your own kinky quickie that you could or do incorporate into your days?

For me personally I also have to remember that non-kink and non-sexual physical affection are also important. I’m not a naturally cuddly person, and I think in past relationships the lack of emphasis I put on cuddles, hand holding and general physical closeness was a huge factor in why I sometimes felt disconnected from previous partners. So while I’m not always the instigator with hugs and kisses, I do try my very best to give them out as often as I can.

So with you guys as my witness Bakji is going to be getting more bursts of random FemDom heading his way, including impromptu facesitting, just because handjobs and oodles of hugs and kisses. I will update soon on how well the new regime works.

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