Episode #30: Guest Episode – CrossDressing & Being GenderFluid

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Cross-dresser. Transvestite. Gender-Fluid. Transgender. BiGender. Just a few of the words that come up in this episode. They may not mean to you what they mean to our guest. The words we have at our disposal to describe ourselves can be key in our acceptance of who we are. Being able to successfully put across  to others, where we fall on the spectrum of gender can sometimes also be key to their understanding of who we are. Allowing for more open and beneficial conversations.

Our guest for this episode presents as both male and female. George (@georgemitton on Twitter) when presenting as male, and Georgie when presenting as female. When we met it was a day for she and her pronouns, despite Bakji’s accidental faux pas of ‘we are joined with a chap named George’ right at the beginning of our interview. Luckily we were talking to a very open, lovely and level-headed individual who understands these things happen.

Part of why we were keen to invite George onto the podcast is that he is completely open with everyone in his life about his Gender-Fluid orientation. Including with family, friends and colleagues. With many aspects of BDSM and alternative lifestyles of all types the decision about whether or not to be open is a really big one. So speaking to someone who has been through it was an interesting experience.

We asked Georgie how and when she discover this side of herself, and how it integrated into her life in both the earlier days, and up to and including the present day. This includes some success stories of sharing with other, and periods of time here George was pushed to the forefront, and the fluidity of gender was not as present.

Overall though this is an immensely positive episode, we discuss how we can best approach telling people about the aspect of yourself you have yet to share with them, in this case being Gender-Fluid, but it could equally apply to other situations. We also cover women (and of course men) who not only support men who identify in these ways, but are also actively attracted to them.

Make-up, clothes, prosthetic boobs and wigs also come up in conversation, as we ask Georgie where some good places to shop are, and what key pieces she finds most useful. Likewise we enquire as to what kind of events are available, for once you are all dressed up and want to get together with some like minded folk. Obviously as always you can hit Fetlife and the usual Fetish events and munches that we recommend, but we actually do discover some new events through talking to Georgie.

If any of what we talk about in this episode resonates with you, but you still have questions or any comments then please do get in touch. You can email us via hello@proudtobekinky.com. You can also get in touch through any one of our social media accounts, we are on Instagram, Twitter, Fetlife and Facebook. All messages are welcome.

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