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Image is my own, ready for a night out at Slap Stick Club.

In the most recent episode of #ProudToBeKinky, myself and Bakji talk Fetish clubs. If you have no idea what #ProudToBeKinky is, then visit my blog entry ‘Podcasts & Princess Parts’, short explanation though, it’s a super awesome podcast that I sometimes get to be on. In episode #006 we talk about what to expect from your first visit to a Fetish club, while I chat briefly about some of my own experiences I thought a more in-depth version might be fun for FlossDoesLife. That’s this website by the way, in case you are here because you are lost. If you are lost, please stay, I promise it will be lots of fun.

Hair done, Eyes done, Nails done for a Fetishy Adventure with Bakji

My first visit to a Fetish club was, to put it bluntly, lame and very underwhelming. This was absolutely no fault of the club, I know other people who have had fab times there.

Unfortunately, my companion for the night convinced me getting changed there would be impossible, cue me having to buy a new coat to cover my sexy outfit, however with it being springtime my options were limited, and it was an ‘only just’ coverage. So when the same companion decided we had to stop for cash and her outfit made manoeuvring tough, I was the one who got leered at by the vanilla fellas at the cashpoint. We also spent all night unable to chat much because the music was loud, and we, therefore, didn’t speak to anyone else either. For various reasons we didn’t take advantage of the dungeon, so, all in all, it was rather boring. I tell you this not to give you a horror story so you don’t go, but to show that going with the right people and knowing a little bit of what to expect can make all the difference to how much fun you can have.

Since then I’ve been to lots more Fetish clubs and have had an absolutely wonderful time at every one I’ve been to. I’ve been in a group, with a couple of other people and often Bakji and I just go off on a little Fetish excursion just the two of us.

I absolutely love going to Fetish clubs, my main reasons I enjoy going are:

    • I get to dress up
    • I get to use equipment I don’t have at home
    • I get to meet new people
    • I get to watch other people’s style of play
    • I get to see a wide variety of dynamics unfold

Fetish clubs are fascinating places and they are filled with wonderful and diverse people, some of whom could end up being great friends. You also get to see how other people play and a variety of dynamics you might not see at the local munch. Myself and Bakji switch roles between Top and bottom within our dynamic, however, those roles are fairly low protocol and tend to stay in a scene. I really enjoy watching high protocol dynamics play out though and I also love seeing people enjoy each other and play with passion whether it is a dynamic I have an interest in or not. It’s a privilege to be able to witness other people explore each other, and an experience that is endlessly captivating.

While I must admit I spent a long time fretting over what to wear to my first Fetish event, I now realise so long as you make an effort, and expectations of ‘effort’ will vary from club to club, essentially for me it is just a really good opportunity to have some fun and dress in a way you never could outside of your own home. Latex, fishnets and 6-inch heels might turn a few heads down at the local watering hole.

In terms of equipment, there are a few things of my own I always take. Rope, a blindfold, a gag and impact devices. Sometimes I will also take leather cuffs. I may or may not use all or any of it, but it’s always good to have with me. Different clubs have different dungeon equipment on offer to use, some have a fab selection, others less so. Items we have so far taken advantage of on various occasions include St. Andrews cross’, spanking benches, bondage chairs, examinations chairs and hard points for rope suspensions.

It can be easy to be a daunted by the prospect of what types of play might occur in a Fetish club, though just to clarify as we did in the podcast, play does not necessarily equate to sexual play. Again the rules of sexual activity and nudity will vary from club to club. However, things that we regularly see are rope floorwork/suspensions, bondage (none rope) and impact play. The sexual elements of play we do see, but less often. There is also no pressure to play as others do. Or to play at all. If your night would be amazing by putting on your sexiest outfit and dancing the night away surrounded by like-minded people, a Fetish club is still well worth a visit.

Also, don’t worry if you like the idea of using the equipment but don’t quite feel brave enough. I honestly thought I’d never Top in public. All those people who would clearly be watching my every move, waiting to see the error of my ways and discover I wasn’t a ‘proper’ Top. Yes, I actually worried about this, but in reality, everyone is doing their own thing, and so long as you are playing safe, no one is going to be concerning themselves with your play. If they are watching chances are it’s because it’s fun and sexy to watch. I have since shed my fears and have no qualms about wrapping the gorgeous Bakji in rope and teasing him merrily in public.

So to sum things up:

    • Get your glad rags on, get to a Fetish club & have a bloody good time
    • If you have any queries about dress-code or club etiquette, club organisers will be happy to answer any questions you have
    • Best place to find Fetish nights near you? Fetlife

If you like to hear more about Fetish clubs from the folks who run one then check out episode 23 of ProudToBeKinky.

23 – Running a Fetish Club

SlapStick Fetish Club has been running for a year, Bakji and Floss made their first visit back in March and were instantly seduced and it’s definitely up there as one of their top Fetish nights out. So when the lovely Pierre and Hannah who run the event agreed to come onto the podcast we were overjoyed.

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