What It Is To Love You

I won’t be sharing all of my poetry pieces as blog posts. While I absolutely love writing poetry I appreciate it isn’t for everyone but I will share the odd one here and there. I’m sharing this one as it hasn’t previously been shared elsewhere.

I wish you knew
What it is to love you
To see you
With an unflinching clarity
And to still fall
And deeper
Until there is no longer
A way out
To look beyond
All rhyme & reason
Because one moment
Can make perfect sense
Of an imperfect response
And I wish you knew
How those moments felt
As I feel you
In every single fibre
Of my being
Making me want
And need
I can’t breathe
Between the haves
And have nots
And the nevers
And the evers
Just sometimes
It’s all too much
Until I forget
As I fall
Under the spell
Of your touch

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