A Wicked Surprise – Part 2

Follow on from A Wicked Surpise, though can be read as an individual piece. A lesbian erotica with BDSM themes.

As I opened the front door, I knew something was different. Instinct told me there was someone in the house. As I stood debating what to do I heard a familiar sound, it was unmistakable, and a sound I was very familiar with. Whooshing through the air, over and over again, was the unmistakable sound of a cane. I was fairly certain a burglar wouldn’t have searched hard enough to find my stash of bondage gear, which meant only one thing. Mistress was in the house, and clearly in possession of my spare key once more. My feet carried me as fast as they could to her side, I knew that keeping her waiting longer than was necessary would not end well.
I entered the bedroom and what I saw before me was almost enough to make me climax right there and then. Stocking clad legs, high heels, knickers that hugged her arse and pussy in all the right ways, and a corset that made her breasts look as if they were begging to be set free. I wanted to reach out and touch her, I wanted to run my tongue along the soft satin of her knickers, while my hands stroked her every curve. However her demeanour gave no indications that this was the plan, she also didn’t look like she was in the mood to talk, so I removed my clothes and kneeled down by her feet and waited.
She stood in front of me, and although my eyes were fixed firmly on her feet, I was very aware that if I lifted my gaze I would be face to face with her pussy, I wanted to lick it, I wanted to bury my face in her and never stop. But my gaze didn’t falter and my body didn’t waiver, I simply waited, until she issued a command or moved me by force.
Eventually she made a move, her hand curling into my hair with a vice like grip and pulling my face against her silky knickers, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t lick or kiss, all I could do was inhale her scent, a scent that told me whatever she was planning to do to me aroused her. I knew if I trailed a finger through her hot lips she’d be wet. I also knew to do so would be a fast track to punishment, so I stayed on my knees, my face held firmly against her knickers, until she used her hand to pull me to my feet by my hair.
My gaze still cast downwards meant I was now drinking in a view of her glorious breasts, I ached to play with them, I let my mind wander as I waited for her next move, I was lost in thought, imagining my mouth sucking at her nipples, when her fingers firmly gripped my chin and lifted my face upwards so I was looking at her. Her eyes betrayed her, though her actions were well thought out and controlled, her eyes were wild and hungry. I knew without a doubt she wanted me, I knew there were things she needed to do to me, there was an edge to her actions today that told me I was in for a rough ride.
‘Close your eyes.’
My eyes snapped shut upon hearing her command, there was no room for error, speak when spoken to, do as I was told and enjoy whatever it was Mistress wanted to do with me, which I was fast realising was not going to be quite what I was used to. An unfamiliar blindfold covered my eyes, softer and more comfortable than my usual one, yet still plunging me into total darkness. There was nothing now, all that existed for me was her. Her voice, her touch, her will, they were all that mattered.
I was waiting for the familiar feeling of her beginning to bind me with rope, wondering how I’d be tied and what to, so my mind began to race when she took my hands and encased my wrists in cold metal. I knew if my arms were raised above my head like they often were, the metal would dig into my flesh, likewise if I tried to pull against my restraints, I liked how different they were though, and the potential new sensations they could cause and most of all they intrigued me, as I pondered the reasons for these new restraints, I could feel the tip of the cane tapping at the insides of my ankles, so I shuffled my feet further apart allowing her to fit metal cuffs to my ankles. Again I relished the feeling of  the cold, hard restraints again my skin, I wanted to wriggle my feet and feel how they moved against me, so couldn’t believe my luck when I heard her next request.
‘Step forwards, but go slowly.’
As I moved my right foot to step towards, I heard jangling, and my brain lost focus on slowly and I moved too fast causing me to fall forwards, feeling her arms catch me as I stumbled. I realised now there was a chain linking my ankles together, it would be impossible for me to do more than shuffle, I was grateful my bedroom wasn’t overly large and that the distances I’d be required to covered were short.
She helped me compose myself from my little tumble, by smoothing my hair before slowly tying it into a plait, a small smile dance across my lips as I remember how she had not long ago bound my wrists behind me with rope and then plaited my hair binding it in the same length of rope, with just enough movement left to me so that dropping my arms pulled at my hair, and lifting my head pulled at my arms.
‘Nice to see you have a good memory, I wonder if the sounds of chains will soon be a memory that causes one of those little smiles of yours.’
Chains? Plural? As yet I was only aware of the chain at my ankles, I started to wonder exactly what she had in store, I could feel my palms sweating my stomach suddenly felt unsettled, I trusted her without question, but she had made me nervous of the unknown, the further along we went the more I understood we were not doing things quite the same as normal. I heard her chuckle quietly from across the room, which made it clear to me she had intended to elicit my response with her comment. Part of me was cross with myself that I was so predictable, but it was impossible to want to change my ways when I knew she enjoyed herself by teasing these reactions from me. Pleasing her was pleasing her, in whatever form it came it was all I ever wanted to do.
Once again I could feel her standing in front of me, so close without touching me, it was starting to become very hard not to kiss her, but I was restrained and blindfolded so my chances of being able to land a kiss successfully on her lips was slim, I  also knew that the cane was still somewhere close by and wasn’t in a hurry for surprise swipe to my arse. Single blows for punishment were by far the worst strikes she dealt.
‘Last item is coming then we will be ready to begin the fun.’
With that the chill of metal I was quickly becoming very keen on was present on my neck, and I could feel a chain hanging down between my breasts, I wanted to run my hand along the collar and I desperately wanted to see it, but neither was an option, I would have to be patient and well behaved and hope I would get to do both before it was removed.
‘Oh, you’ll need these as well.’
With that said she draped some kind of poncho style blanket or wrap around me, which covered my arse, just about, and felt like it had been fastened down the front with buttons, I could not get my head around what was occurring, nothing made sense, and she had given me no clues as to what she had planned, I could do nothing but wait for instruction and follow her into whatever realms she wished to take me to.
‘Right, let’s go, we are going out.’
The minute my question had escaped my mouth I regretted it and with good reason, she lifted the fabric covering my arse and swung the cane against my backside, I held my mouth tight shut, refusing to cry out and felt tears prick my eyes in reaction to the sting. I also felt my pussy clench, and the desire for more blows to my arse, though a little less forceful would be my preference. But my preference didn’t really matter and that just made it all the more thrilling.
She tugged at the chain hanging from my collar, and this time I moved silently, but painfully slow due to the chain linking my ankles to each other and the fact I was still blindfolded, cold air against my skin alerted me to being outside, and I was maneuvered into the back of a car, feeling her slide in beside me once I was settled. The car started without a word from either Mistress or the driver and I was left to my own thoughts, thoughts that could not comprehend what was going on, thoughts that told me I should be nervous and enquiring as to what was going, but all the while all I could focus on was how turned on I was.
The car stopped after what seemed like the longest car journey ever, I knew the area around my house like the back of my hand but could not figure out in which direction we had driven or where we might be. My senses were all mixed up, and the only focal points I had were the metal cuffs and collar against my skin, which were becoming increasingly soothing in their presence and her, even without speaking I knew she was there, but I received confirmation of this when she leant over and whispered in my ear before we vacated the car.
‘Tell me the safeword, I need to hear you say it before we leave the car.’
‘Good girl, now remember you can use it, anytime you need to, for any reason.’
My mind was whirling, I’d never used the safeword, and she had never reminded me that I could use it with such a serious tone to her voice, it was definitely important to her that I knew I could stop whatever was about to happen. My pussy tingled and pulsed as I became very excited for the unknown, knowing that whatever she had planned was likely to be out of my comfort zone and pushing my boundaries.
I was led from the car, up some stone stairs, I hadn’t been given shoes to wear out on our little adventure, so the winter chill of the stone stung my feet, and the cold air gave me goosebumps and my nipples became even harder as the winter chill combined with my arousal. As my feet stood on the cold stone steps, I heard Mistress knocking with what sounded like a brass door knocker, followed by the sounds of locks turning, and a rush of warm air that told me I stood in front of an open door.
‘Come in, welcome, nice to see you again.’
I couldn’t help but hold my breath at the sound of the woman’s voice, especially when Mistress wasted no time in removing the wrap she had placed around my shoulders. I was stood in what I assumed was this stranger’s home, completely naked apart from cuffs, collars and chains about to do goodness knows what, my heart was racing and my mind was alternated from completely blank and unable to think anything at all, to thinking so many thoughts I couldn’t even begin to process them. But when Mistress spoke, all my worries faded away. Her voice was still calm and cool, but there was the tiniest hint of excitement. Her words were tumbling out of her mouth a little faster than usual, and the tension in my lead had changed which led me to believe her muscles had tensed in anticipation of what was to come. If Mistress was excited then so was I.
As I slowly moved forward at the tug of the lead, I felt awkward about how slow I was moving, especially as I had no idea how far I was to travel, clearly it was further than Mistress could take at this pace, so she offered me an alternative to my shackled shuffle.
‘You could probably move slightly quicker if  you crawled I think.’
In any other life situation this would have been a suggestion for me to consider, in this situation it was a request, so I fell to my knees, placed my hands on the floor and crawled. It was definitely quicker, and my mind was telling me I felt awkward again, crawling on my hands and knees in front of a stranger, but once again my pussy was making a declaration all of it’s own. There it was completely on show and it was so wet I could feel my juices upon my thighs, and it was throbbing, just begging to be touched. My mind could tell me whatever it wanted, but my body would always betray it with the truth.
Soon the plush carpet beneath my feet gave way to hard wooden flooring, the atmosphere changed as well, and I was almost certain there were more than just Mistress and the stranger looking at me. A suspicion that was confirmed as I moved further into the room, when a soft, quiet voice gasped loudly followed by the unmistakable sound of her hand clasping over her mouth, it was left to the welcoming stranger to explain.
‘Please excuse Jessa, she finds the cane rather brutal and that welt across your arse is rather angry looking. She has been warned to behave though or she will be asked to leave, and may be on the receiving end of my cane whether she likes it or not.’
With that I heard the sub shuffle in her seat nervously, I did feel for her, but as well as being a total masochist, I had a rather wicked sadistic streak too and the thought of her receiving a caning for her behaviour caused me to smile a little, despite the fact out of the two of us it was me that was likely to receive a beating to my arse the soonest.
‘Where would you like to start?’
It was the welcoming stranger, clearly Mistress had options, if I had to guess given the fact there was clearly a Domme/sub dynamic between the stranger and the very young sounding sub I knew to be Jessa, I’d have said that this was some kind of well equipped playroom, which did absolutely nothing to calm my excitable pussy, the idea of Mistress chaining me to just about anything and beating my arse was thrilling, and I was shocked to find that the knowledge other people were present had enhanced that.
‘That one I think, that will be a real treat for her and despite the minor slip up that resulted in the cane mark on her arse, she has been very good for me today.’
My heart swelled with pride, and my pussy throbbed even harder at the knowledge I had pleased her enough to earn a treat. I was slowly pulled to my feet and the chain was unclipped from my collar, and I could also feel unfamiliar hands holding onto my ankle cuffs as they released the chain so my legs could be spread further apart, though I couldn’t see my eyes were drawn towards the unfamiliar touch, and I could feel my body tensing slightly unsure as to their intent. Once again my body clearly betrayed me, because as if she had read my mind Mistress ever so softly whispered ‘Mine’ in my ear and I was instantly reminded of her past words during another conversation, ‘people do not play with what is Mine.’
I was now excited as I was led across the room, and even more excited when I was put in position, each arm raised in turn above my head, the clink of metal on metal audible as my wrist restraints were hooked to the piece of furniture, my legs spread so my ankles could also been attached in position, I could feel smooth wood against my bare flesh, Mistress was right this was a treat. I couldn’t see, but I knew without doubt I had been attached to a St. Andrews cross, and from the feel of it a very nice one too. I revelled in all the different feelings there were to enjoy, my total lack of control, the thrill of exhibitionism, the joy of being tied to something new, the feel of the wood against my body and the ultimate high was knowing my backside was going to be absolutely ruined.  
‘This is the one I told you about, I think she’d like it from what you have told me.’
‘Ooh, that is nice, I think you’re right that will work very well.’
It was very bizarre being the subject of conversation and attention, yet not really being spoken to at all, my mind also wandered to Jessa, who I assumed was sat quietly watching what was about to take place, I wondered if it was just the cane she was uncertain of, or beatings in general, if so she was about to do a lot of silent shuffling in her seat.
The first contact I had with the flogger was gentle, It was slowly trailed down my back, over my arse and down my legs, it felt like braided leather and definitely had more tails than I was used too. Any previous concerns I’d had were gone, my mind had a single thought now, over and over a little chant was circling ‘hit me, hit me, hit me,’ it was consuming me, the need to have that flogger whoosh through the air and land firmly on my cheeks, I was so busy thinking about it happening though that when it did I was caught of guard and I let out a small yelp despite it being a fairly gentle blow.
As blow after blow came down upon my arse, causing it to radiate with warmth, I sank further and further into my own private space, there was always something very calming about flogging, the way the tails tenderly licked at my skin as they left their mark, causing wave after wave of pleasure to wash through me as my skin throbbed with the warmth that increased with each strike.
‘Wow! She can do this for a long time.’
‘She can, I’ll need something else to get her attention so we can move on.’
I was aware of voices, faint chatter invading my calm inner space, I tried to listen, normally as there was only ever the two of us present, the sound of Mistress’ voice usually meant I had to listen, today though I was struggling to pull myself back to reality. Mistress knew how to get my attention though and with one swift blow from a paddle accompanied by another yelp of shock I was far more alert to what might be happening around me or more precisely to me.
I was unclipped from the St. Andrew’s Cross and as I was led across the room my arse ached with every step, but all I could think about was how much more I wanted. I gathered enough information about my surroundings to know there were clearly a lot of possibilities open to me, and I was eager to know just what they might be. The room, however well equipped it might be, didn’t appear to be overly larger, as it didn’t take long for my new destination to be before me. Mistress and the welcoming stranger maneuvered me into position, the feeling of leather beneath my knees, stomach and forearms told me I was on a spanking bench of some kind. Though my cuffs were still in place they were not used to restrain me, instead soft leather straps were pulled across various parts of my body and tightened. I could not move at all. I was completely at the mercy of Mistress and what I assumed were a vast array of implements she could strike my arse with.
‘Right, we shall leave you to it, I think this next bit will make Jessa far too agitated.’
‘Please Mistress, can we stay?’
Oh, this was interesting, and fed a part of me I didn’t even know I had. Jessa clearly had up until this point little to no desire to be beaten, yet for some reason what was happening to me had peaked her interest. I realised I wanted her to stay, and I wanted her to watch my arse get redder and redder, and marked and bruised. It was clearly something Mistress had no issue with people witnessing either, because she granted their request, with what appeared to be glee in her voice.
One by one a variety of implements brushed across my arse, some I recognized as things I owned, some felt very unfamiliar, but all of them sent a mixture of fear and excitement buzzing through me. The first thing to hit me though was not one of those implements, but the hand of my Mistress, quite possibly the meanest swing she had ever applied, over and over again across every inch of my arse, which was throbbing and stinging and I could only imagine what shade of red it was. I could also picture the image of my very on display, wet pussy. All spanking aroused me, no matter how much it hurt, but her bare hand aroused me like nothing else. It was then I realised she had chosen her hand on purpose, knowing how wet I would get while I was on display for others to see. It seemed however she was satisfied with the efforts her hand had made, so she moved on and she moved on Sadistically.
Gone was the Mistress who had kindly decided to treat me to a flogging, this time I was certain she picked wisely to ensure me some level of discomfort. Whatever she was hitting me with felt mean and serious, and it was searing in the pain it gave, every blow stung to the point of tears, and I longed for her to switch to something more appealing for a few blows, but I could hear her joy in what she was using. There was no way she was giving it up before she was well and truly ready, I also felt a certain level of dread when I thought about her tracking this item down for herself. I knew it would be revisited. Especially if it left my arse in a suitably ruined state.
By the time she was ready to give up her new toy my eyes were streaming with tears, and my blindfold was a wet as my pussy, to anyone not in the know I might have looked done, ready to concede and let my arse have a rest, but there was more to be given and more I would gladly take.
The next sounds I heard both filled me with joy and fear, as the cane whooshed through the air and struck my already tender arse. It hurt, a lot, and I couldn’t help but cry out. I braced myself for the next blow, but it still caught me by surprise and I realised it would be impossible to suffer the remainder of the caning in silence.
‘No more noise.’
It was a gentle request, in contrast to the severity of the cane, another facet of the perfect balance that flowed between Dominant and submissive. Two sides of the same beautiful coin, each so different yet so closely related. I stopped making any noise, her control over me was, as always, more powerful in that moment than any force I held within me. As I remained silent the tears flowed more forcefully and my mind began to disengage my body from the pain, I’m never sure if I feel more like I’m floating or falling, or sinking or swimming, but that place she sends me to is a haven. A place of peace and tranquility, created by the harsh and brutal treatment to my arse.
I drifted in my own little subspace haven, until I felt the gentle brush of lips and the flicker of her tongue across the hot skin of my bare backside. Slowly and gently she brought me back to reality, I was covered in my wrap once more, but my blindfold, cuffs and collar remained in place, we bid farewell to our hosts, who I never once got to look at, while they had seen all there was to see of me and we travelled away from our destination without me ever knowing where I had been.
Once we were in the familiar surroundings of my home, my new accessories were removed and I lay on the bed dreamily watching as Mistress removed each item of her beautiful attire and became more glorious the more naked she became. I was exhausted and sleep was calling me, my body demanding rest after all we had put it through, the call of pleasure was greater though.
As her mouth met mine, the hunger I had seen in her eyes before we left was flowing as a silent command in that kiss. I didn’t need to ask, her fierce kiss was making it clear my tongue was going nowhere just yet, so my fingers instinctively found her pussy, dripping wet with the arousal our adventure had caused. I pushed my fingers deep inside her, pulling her juices from her and rubbing them into her clit until she came, moaning into my mouth but not breaking away from our kiss. I needed to hear her though, every feeling she created in me caused a deep need. I needed to submit to her, I needed to fuck her and in that moment I needed to hear her screaming with pleasure. So my fingers played and fucked and eventually her mouth left mine, and sweet, delicious moans filled the air, and moans gave way to cries of climax as my fingers kept working and my mouth found it’s way to lick and savour her pussy.
When her body seemed to have no orgasms left to give, I crawled back up the bed and lay gently beside her, I was aching to use my words, to say thank you for a wonderful evening, to tell her I was blissfully happy, but tiredness was claiming me and no words came as I drifted to sleep. So when she kissed my forehead and whispered ‘that was quite a thank-you.’ I was grateful to know orgasms had spoken for me when words had failed me.

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