A Wicked Surpise

This is the second piece of my erotica that has been published in Erotic Synergies. Another girl on girl adventure, but with more of a D/s theme.

I should have known she was up to something when she asked to borrow a spare key for when she next visited. While it was a request I was happy to grant her, looking back I realise she was plotting and scheming, especially when she refused to identify exactly when she would be using the key. Visits came and went, and the key was never used. Weeks later I had completely forgotten she had it. When she announced one day she was popping over but didn’t know when, which in itself was very odd behaviour, I still didn’t put the puzzle together. Which meant she had me exactly where she wanted me.

Not knowing when she would arrive or what she was coming over for, I just busied myself with housework and coffee breaks. Always a daydreamer, I was lost in thought as I stood waiting for the kettle to boil. I didn’t hear the door go, or footsteps behind me, so I should have been terrified when a hand formed a fist in my hair, while another fast made its way under my skirt. Although my heart was pounding as my brain tried to figure out what was happening, I couldn’t shut out the fact I had become instantly aroused.

It didn’t take long for me to realise who it was. Her touch was distinctive, I could hear the familiar sound of her breath against my ear, but she was making sure I couldn’t move to see her, my head controlled by her hand in my hair, my body wedged between her and the kitchen cupboards, as she used her fingers to bring me as close to climax as she could before stopping abruptly. Only the when she has removed her fingers from pussy did she speak, and it was short and direct and gave little away.

‘Don’t move,’

Despite my curiosity being at an all time high, I knew better than to disobey her. I stood completely still, with my eyes closed for fear of catching an accidental glimpse of what she was up too. I didn’t have to wait long for her to start organising things though. As I stood there with my hands on my kitchen counter, she blindfolded me and removed all of my clothes. For a moment nothing happened, but I could feel how close she was to me, I could feel the desire moving between us like sparks of electricity and most noticeably of all I could feel my pussy dripping. I had no idea what she had planned, but I was very excited to find out.

The next contact between us was her hands reaching for my wrists and turning me to face into the room. Her hands then began to bind my own with rope. She didn’t just bind my wrists though, she used that rope to bind my arms to my body, I could feel the fabric of the rope against my back, around my breasts, across my stomach, around my arms and any effort to move was pointless, my top half was completely restricted. She was in complete control, which was made even more clear when I felt a small tug pull me forward. As my feet slowly and cautiously took a step, she tugged again, and so we moved, tug by tug, step by step, slowly and carefully, until it became clear she was done with careful.

With one forceful tug I stumbled forward and felt myself caught in her grasp, she spun me round and moved me backwards and I could feel the bed cover against the back of my legs. Then she asked me a question that had no meaning, because I had no idea what was happening, but it was a question that without doubt only had one answer.

‘Are you ready?’


With that one small word she pushed me backwards onto the bed, and her hand began to tie again. I had no idea how she had tied me, or quite what position I was in, all I knew was that I was completely immobilised and my pussy was very much on show, and I knew that when she looked at my she would see I was glistening with desire. I was throbbing and tingling, and I hadn’t even considered when she might touch me, just knowing I was completely at her mercy and on display for her was working wonders for my arousal levels.

For the longest time she didn’t touch me, she did play with me though, she played and teased and she pushed me so far into wanting her that I could feel it inside me like a desperate obsession. Still blindfolded so I couldn’t see her, I heard her purposefully undressing, her clothes landing as she threw them down forcefully. All the while I was picturing her stood before me, her naked form slowly being revealed, item by item. I didn’t mind being bound but I so wished I could see her. When I felt her climb onto the bed I thought at least there might be some kind of contact, to ease the torture of not being able to enjoy the view. I was out of luck, I was uncertain of her position, but I knew her body was just a hairs width away from mine, I could feel her proximity, but I was bound so securely I couldn’t move in anyway to make our bodies touch. The only sensation I felt was her whisper on my ear. So soft, so quiet and utterly arousing. For the longest time she whispered into my ear, deliberately explicit and picking up all the things I liked best, I was in awe of just how well planned this was.

‘You look so fucking sexy, unable to move and just waiting to be played with. Do you know how wet you are? Your pussy is shining it’s so wet. Dripping wet in fact. It’s begging to be played with, begging to come, begging to be made wetter. But you’ve been so good, you haven’t said a word. I’m very pleased. So pleased in fact, I am also very wet. That taste you love is dripping down my thighs, imagine how good it would feel to lick at my pussy, or to slide your fingers in. Remember those noises you love, I’d definitely make them right now. I wonder what noises you would make if I did those things to you right now.’

With that I felt her hand ever so softly against my pussy, her fingers slowly circling my clit, then slowly in and out of my pussy, it was excruciatingly and deliciously agonising. I was desperate to grind against her and thrust my fingers deep into her pussy at the same time, yet there I was completely unable to do either. All I could do was moan, and gasp and wait as she continued to enjoy her toy. When she stopped I didn’t know if I was grateful for the break or disappointed that the sweet torture had ceased.

‘I need you to do something for me, then I promise I will fuck you properly, do you think you can do it? You will find it hard, and it will make you desperate to be untied, but I won’t do it. Do you think you can do this one thing for me?’

‘Yes, anything, I’ll do anything.’

‘That is what I like to hear.’

I always cursed myself for that, I was big on promising ‘anything’, thankfully I’d never had this tested with a task that was unpleasant and today’s task was about as pleasant as it could get, but she was right, it made me beyond desperate to be untied. I wanted to be untied so I could fuck her properly, so I could spread her legs, and grab her boobs, I wanted to be free to grab her arse and pull her to me, I wanted to grab her hair and pull her into a passionate kiss, I wanted to pin her down and fuck her until she begged me to stop, but all I could do was as she asked, and I did it like a wild woman who had been starved for the longest time.

‘Fuck me with your tongue.’

As she made her request she straddled my face and lowered her pussy to my mouth, my tongue eagerly reaching out to taste her. Fuck! She was wet. So wet. I could feel her juices on my lips, my chin, my nose. She wasn’t lying when she said was turned on, and having me bound beneath her licking at her pussy, seemed to be turning her on a whole lot more. I licked, I sucked, I nibbled and she ground her pussy into my face with a force I had never experienced. I could feel her own face was inches from my own throbbing, aching wetness. I could not wait to have her mouth on me and her fingers inside me.

In what could only be described as a flurry of orgasms and fucking, she started to climax and fuck me simultaneously. As she moaned and pushed down onto my mouth, her fingers pushed deep into me. Gone were the slow, deliberate movements. This was fast, deep and relentless. My body felt like it would burst from her expertly tied restraints, as the pressure inside me grew. Instead her tongue and fingers pushed me into an orgasm that made me feel like every organ was buzzing and shuddering, my skin was tingling from head to toe and I felt the pressure in my pussy release as I felt myself squirt, her fingers still pushing in and out causing it to spray in all directions. I was well and truly fucked. She had certainly kept her promise.

Gradually she started to untie me, and once I was completely free from restraints but my blindfold remained I was asked to stay still just for a moment, nothing happened though and moments later my blindfold was removed, I wanted to ask why she’d ask me to stay still some more, but in my orgasmic haze I could barely remember my name, let alone remember to ask questions. So instead I just lay there as she traced the marks the rope had left on my flesh.

‘You looked so lovely all tied up in that rope, and I love the marks it’s left behind. Thank you for trusting me today.’

‘I trust you always and I should be thanking you really, for an amazing time. I do wish I could have seen how I was tied though and how it looked. It sounds pretty.’

‘I’ll try and remember you’d like to see next time.’

With that she softly kissed me and moments later I was fast asleep.

A week or so later, on another visit, she handed me my key back. Along with a beautifully wrapped parcel.

‘You can keep the key if you want, it’s silly to have you knocking really.’

‘It is a little. This way though whenever I ask for it, you’ll know I have something planned. But and this is a big but, it won’t ever be the same thing twice and until it happens you’ll always be wondering.’

She had a point, it was a delightfully wicked game to play.

‘And if you open your parcel, you will realise you have something to help keep the memory of the last time quite vivid in your mind.’

As I slowly unwrapped my gift I found a beautiful book, bound in a very thin silky rope. When I opened it my mind struggled to understand what it was seeing. I immediately recognised the person as me, but the images were unlike any I had ever seen before. Suddenly my brain engaged and I understood, she had taken pictures of everything. From me stood naked in my kitchen, right up to the point she had asked me to lie still and I hadn’t known why. It was one of the most wonderful gifts I’d ever been given and every time I looked at it I hoped she’d ask for my key again. The months came and went though, and no request was made, I had begun to think it was a one time thing. It never occurred to me to check the key was still where I kept it. Had I done so I might have been a little more prepared for the next adventure she had planned.

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